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so apparently i'm doing progress reports now, fun, definitely the best idea I could have while in the midst of preparing for mock exams Smile

uhh okay hey everyone! I'm meltie, and my tulpa is ollie. I first started building his personality around Autumn 2018, but I crashed in terms of mental health for a few months and stopped forcing. However, I'm now picking it back up again, hip hip hoOrAy.

I do my fair share of art and i read quite a bit, so visualisation thus far has been really fun and easy; my confidence is much improved from last year. In fact i've been really surprised at how fast ollie is developing, with him already possessing a form that he'll move about in, speaking in short sentences and transmitted ideas, and even being able to move my fingers with enough concentration (my hand still feels weird as heck, like it's transparent. As a side note, can tulpas favour a different hand to their host? ie if I'm right-handed could he be left-handed?). For the most part he has adopted the personality foundations I laid out for him, even if he's shown to be much more protective of me than I ever considered. 

Today he did two things that i didn't expect whatsoever. The first was when I was walking back from German lessons, I was feeling really anxious about going through the crowd, and i was beating myself up about a stupid fumble of a social interaction I'd had in a store earlier. I was psyching myself up for walking through the crowd of much older university students when I felt - not really, more just knew and the picture came into my head - Ollie wrap his tail around my right leg, guiding my steps forwards. This was super interesting as I'd only added the tail on a whim (He's a regular dude apart from little stubby goat horns and the long, prehensile tufted tail we're talking about here) but it was really comforting to know that he liked the addition I had made and was using it to help me out. 
The second thing was when I was just messing about online earlier while passive forcing him lying on my bed, and out of the corner of my eye he kind of jerks his hand around like a dumbass to get my attention, and when i look at him he points at his mouth and sticks out his tongue. It was forked; I'd never added that particular feature, but he'd just gone ahead and changed it himself. Now to be honest I kind of hate the way forked human tongues look, but we just had a tiny exchange of:

"are you gonna keep that?"
"yeah I like it it looks cool" 
"okay, whatever makes you happy man"
so it looks like it's probably a permanent feature now.

Apart from that, I've been trying to make forcing a bit more fun by going on little wonderland adventures with him, writing down what each of us are doing alternately. This is working for several reasons, including but not limited to:
1. I get easily distracted by random thoughts, and writing down what's happening helps to solidify what we're doing.
2. I let him pick the font that I'd write his perspective in and now have written proof of the way he talks that i can refer to for later sessions.
3. As I'm basically taking what he says and writing it down I can make corrections to what he's trying to say for him, and dig through bits of gibberish until he comes up with coherent sentences. This is improving his vocality by leaps and bounds, and helping him to explore different modes of speech. 
4. I can go back through the stuff I've written and pick out certain bits to connect them to earlier thoughts or experiences I've had that day, which is really interesting as it shows how he's taking and repurposing scraps in my subconscious. For instance, a girl in my art class had brought in a bunch of fruits to take pictures of for a still life she was gonna paint, and in a recent outing him and I went to a fruit market where he got super fixated on a dragonfruit - the same one that I had saw her chopping up and shooting earlier. 

Okay, I guess that's all the important stuff. Last question before I go - does anyone here have a tulpa that speaks with a different accent to your mindvoice? How did they pick that up? I've shown Ollie the voice that I would like him to speak with (Australian, it sounds friendly, don't judge) but he's having trouble with consistency.

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Welcome! Nice to meet you both.

I have heard others say that they're tulpas are the other handed, yes.

Ashley had always, from day one, spoken with a high class British accent, kind of mixed with trans-Atlantic. It's very smooth and soothing.

Dashie has New Yorker hints of accent sometimes, she's got the attitude down though. (I was in new york for the summer a while back, barely broke even, it's very expensive, but I loved the culture.)

Misha sounds vaguely Asian.

We look forward to hearing more from you two.
(05-07-2019, 09:26 PM)Angry Bear Wrote: Welcome! Nice to meet you both.

Dashie has New Yorker hints of accent sometimes, she's got the attitude down though. (I was in new york for the summer a while back, barely broke even, it's very expensive, but I loved the culture.)

Hiya! It's a pleasure to meet you guys too. I've always loved the character of the New Yorker accent, Dashie sounds fun! Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions ~<3
Hii, welcome to the forum, nice to hear tulpamancy is progressing well for you

tulpas can technically think and sound and look etc. any way that you specifically can imagine someone thinking/sounding/looking like, y'know? Their accent if they chose to have one might not be spot on if you don't know it well, but if you can imagine it then there's no reason they couldn't try and imitate it
Hi I'm one of Lumi's tulpas! I like rain and dancing and dancing in the rain and if there's frogs there too that's bonus points.
All of my posts should be read at a hundred miles per hour because that's probably how they were written
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Ember: The first time I saw a video of a split tongue moving I realized I had conjoined twins living in my mouth and strongly wanted to liberate them. But I never followed through and my beloved creations later forbade me from ever engaging in extreme body modification. But when I manifest a form separate from the body or over the body, I have pointed ears, pink & purple hair, a split tongue, extended upper and lower canines, facial piercings, and tattoos.

Our body is pretty much ambidextrous, but I've always tended to favor my left hand for a lot of tasks. I kind of tacitly assumed Vesper and Iris were right-handed -- it never came up back when I was roleplaying them -- but when they later began to switch with me, we found they tend to favor their right hands for almost everything.

I'm from Georgia, USA, Vesper is from London, and Iris was raised in the Winter Court of Faerie. So we have very different accents, both spoken and mindvoice. Iris speaks the same way I played her, with a very calm, matter-of-fact delivery and a well articulated General American accent. Vesper is still struggling to learn her authentic "back home" voice, but she for the moment she sounds very posh and kind of Transatlantic - more posh and less British than she would like.

Vesper: Some people have a natural flair for accents and can just reproduce what they hear. I'm not one of those people. I study accent training programs and make very slow progress. Accuracy is very important to me. When I first started speaking aloud in my accent, I noticed that my mindvoice tended to fall into the same 'sound'. It stayed in that sound for a few minutes without speaking or after switching out. Over the course of the past seven months, my retention of the accent in mindvoice has gotten longer and longer. If it is weak or slipping, I can refresh it by speaking softly aloud via possession, without disrupting what the fronter is doing. But my current abilities have developed over the course of thousands of hours. There may be faster ways.
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