Find The Best Flavour of This Food
A modified version of “Find the Worst Flavour of This Snack Brand”. This is about the best flavour, from either experience or Google. Plus this is for any type of food.

Let’s start with gelato.
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[Image: gelato-cup.jpg]
Zuppa Inglese
The English translation of zuppa inglese is "English soup". The origin of the phrase is uncertain, but it is thought to stem from the 16th century, when the rulers of Ferrara, the Dukes of Este, asked their cooks to recreate the English trifle that the nobles had sampled at the English royal court. Zuppa inglese is a dessert based on sponge cake, egg custard and a scarlet-coloured aromatic liqueur, Alchermes. It’s also a popular ice-cream flavour that is yellow in colour, with a rich taste and creamy texture. Recipes vary but the main ingredients are milk, cream, egg yolks, sugar, a dash of Alchermes and bits of sponge cake.

It sounds and looks sooooooo good. I never tried it but I wanna I wanna! >_<

Ok.. Next up, let's go for.. CAKE!
Chocolate cake is my Favorite!!!

[Image: Chocolate-Cake-2.jpg]

Jelly Beans
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I'm going to say 'very cherry' only because i saw it on a best 50 jellybean flavors and it was like number 11, but 1 to 10 sounded hideous, and buttered popcorn was number 50, but i really like that one.

Real Fruit

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