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Find the Worst Flavour of This Snack Brand
Is it weird that we have not heard about most of these brands and no one here had heard of Cheezels? Especially as Damien came up with the idea and N made the thread?

Anyway, I tried to figure out what the internet was trying to tell us. I don't know what Erbe Alpine or Ripiena Menta Liquirizia are, but I'll go with either of those because I have no idea what either of them are.

So, next... Arnott's.

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[Image: Screen%2BShot%2B2015-09-18%2Bat%2B3.21.44%2Bpm.png]

This reminds me of premade pizza crust smothered in tomato paste straight out of the can, no cheese, nothing. My friend was unable to eat cheese for some reason.

[Image: 0ddabb5d2e95ffca709ba9f68ba4e3e6.png]

I guess this, because I'm not sure who would want to drink tomatoes.

Next, kit kat, because we know japan has a LOT of flavors for that.
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[Image: a0001613_main.jpg]

The prawn flavored one.


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