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First Tulpa Creation Report
So, a little bit about myself at first. My name is Alexander as you might notice, I'm 17 and I'm completely lonely. Sure, I have a family, some people who I can talk to sometimes, but there's a feeling, that something's wrong. Suppose, people here will understand me, I AM NOT satisfied with level of understanding. And I decided to create a Tulpa.
It's the second day, and I've already achieved something.
I was thinking of Tulpa all day long yesterday, trying to deside IF I want to create Tulpa and what it will be like. I am well informed about creation process, some tips and tricks from a lot of sources, and I have a strong feeling, that I shouldn't force my Tulpa to become kind of exact person. I think I should just let it set up as my subconscious wants. The only thing to consider was the name (and sex, obviously).
By that time I've already had some kind of a head pressure described by a lot of people, and it was quite strong.
The first association was fire. I think that the whole idea of Tulpa is like setting a bonfire. At the very beginning the fire is so weak, it needs care and light fuel, and you can barely feel its warmth or eve see anything but smoke. But then everything comes to a success. The bonfire is starting to burn properly producing a lot of heat and comfort. Yes, but still needs care and fuel. 
So I decided to think in that way. First name was something like Igni, but it didn't sound very right to me. And the second name was an absolute success - Inga. Well, it doesn't mean anything connected with fire, but sounds similar and it really exists. Actually, it does exist in my country.
I talked to her about myself, about her name, her idea, about reasons why I need her and about a lot of things you can possibly think of. 
Today nothing special was going to happen, I thought that it would be just a day full of thoughts and narration, but something's happened. I was sitting in my room all alone, speaking to Inga, and suddenly I heard a whisper! It definetely wasn't my mindvoice, it sounded like woman's! I couldn't hear the whole sentense, but she was asking to give her something, I guess. That just caught me off guard. You know, it was something completely weird, it wasn't like an ordinary thoght - I heard it... well, at the edge of my mind, I might say. Like she was whispering to me for some time, but I didn't notice. And then it happened again! Well, I couldn't understand her that time, but that doesn't really matter! I am so excited!

Thanks for your attention, guys, I appreciate it. Feel free to tell me about my mistakes - English is not my native.
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Hi Alexander and Inga! It sounds like things are going well.. Keep up the good work and keep us updated!
(11-20-2018, 06:56 PM)Reilyn Wrote: Hi Alexander and Inga! It sounds like things are going well.. Keep up the good work and keep us updated!

Sure, sure! As soon as something happens (or not) I'll write
One soul is great, but two is better indeed.
Hello and welcome! It sounds like you are making good progress already. Keep talking to her and I bet she'll speak more!
Ashley did that for me on night one, don't be surprised if she doesn't do it again for a while, Ashley had several reasons why not, but that's immaterial now. Congratulations and welcome!
The 23th Nov is here and here I am with my report. The fifth day, I guess.
A lot of things have happened since last time, but mostly they’re not connected with Inga.
First of all, Angry Bear was right and Inga was silent. Well, I’m not disappointed anyway, we’ve invented some primitive signals based on the head pressure. I’ve seen that somewhere in “Guides” or “Tips and Tricks”, but it wouldn’t be that hard to invent it myself. So, we decided, that pressure on the left side is for “Yes”, right is for “No” and in the back of the head for “idk”. It was quite fascinating to speak that way, but of course it isn’t very informative. Anyway – it’s a progress nonetheless!
Another thing has just happened in the morning (it’s 8am now). I asked Inga to wake me up at 6am. Of course I set alarm in case it wouldn't work.
And when I woke up - I saw that it was 5:59am! 
Maybe it was just my "inner clock", but I believe it was Inga.

Btw, can you give me some advise about how to pick up a voice. Like should I take someone else's voice or we should invent a new one?
One soul is great, but two is better indeed.
Ahh voice. How I have researched this to just put it off to the side, for now. ;P

I think you should listen to a bunch of voices, however you wanna do that is fine, and different accents and stuff and ask her to just pick one for now. Whatever she likes best for the time being. You can already communicate basic yes and no so you should be able to get her approval. Remind her she can change it later so no pressure in choosing. Once you two agree on something, try to practice hearing that voice a lot. Try reading written dialogue, imitating that voice in your head as best you can, several times a day if you wanna, till you sort of have it down. Whenever you imagine her talking, even giving a yes or no or anything, try thinking of it coming from that voice. Depending on her preferences, she may be fine with you parroting answers and things in your head using that voice for practice. More exposure like that will also get her used to it. And of course, she may just keep hitting you with a "no no no", which I would take as "Stop that!" if she doesn't like it it, lol!

Sooner or later your brain will hopefully have that "ah hah" moment and connect her to that voice and it's pretty much automatic after that.

I'm a weird one though, I stubbornly decided to not pick my own voice yet because I feel it is a very important part of my identity and want it to resonate with "me" right from the beginning. Just neutral mind voice is fine for me in till I find or construct "the one" (btw, inventing a new voice is hard, at least for me. Just try it, can you imagine a voice right now that you have never heard before? :P ). Once you two get to know each other really well it shouldn't be that hard to differentiate who is speaking mentally. One trick is you could speak aloud (when the situation allows), which leaves her as the default and only one using the head. Pretty easy to tell the difference in those moments. Even ask her to "speak up" or "talk louder" if she is hard to hear. A lot of what you guys will be doing it teamwork. She has to speak and you have to listen. XD
And yes, I've almost forgotten to say. Now I know her appearance a little- she has ginger hair, cute freckles, dark brown eyes. Height's about 160cm
I can't say that I like ginger hair that much, but she looks so pretty
One soul is great, but two is better indeed.
What!? Red hair is the best, that's why she picked it. Oh and of course it's tied with blue, brown, and pink.
(11-24-2018, 12:01 AM)Angry Bear Wrote: What!? Red hair is the best, that's why she picked it. Oh and of course it's tied with blue, brown, and pink.

Cmon, imho
One soul is great, but two is better indeed.

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