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[Focus & Concentration] Distractions.
Hello. I'm Lunar and my tulpa is Octavia.
(MLP, No bow, Blue eyes not purple, Stands up, wears a red kimono/ dark purple coat)
I've been working on her every now and then and nothing really long timed yet I can (barely) see her, hear her, look into the wonderland and all that wonderful stuff.

And I want to start working on her longer/ more dedicated because even talking to her everyday isn't going to complete the whole process of seeing her etc...

but one of my biggest issues is distractions and I was wondering If y'all could share some ways y'all keep distractions at bay (games,tv,etc...) because that's the big thing that keeps me from sitting down and focusing my tulpa.

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Video games were my biggest problem. It was so much easier to just plop down in my chair, play games and say "I will start working on my tulpa tomorrow" (plus, dedicating time to something you will most likely doubt in the beginning is hard too).

I don't have any tips for eliminating distractions but I can say what helped me to focus more on developing my tulpa. I up and decided one day that my tulpa is real, is worth the effort, time, and headaches (you'll seeSmile) and I would rather spend time with her than with anyone or anything else. Once I had this epiphany, everything else was easy (or at least got easier, with time) and I have done active and passive forcing with her every day since then.

I guess it just comes down to what you want more - a lifelong companion that will take serious time and effort to develop, or an easy out that lets you pass your day by through expending the least amount of effort.

Hope this helps some - its the best advice I can give ATM.
I personally did all my forcing through passive forcing and that worked really well for me. Even when I was playing games I would narrate what I was doing or ask Toby to come look at my computer... Things like that.

He's fully vocal and were working on imposition together now but all I did was passive creation. I don't know if anyone else has tried that method but it worke really well for me.

He says that if you know what she looks like then just try to imagine her with you when you're doing anything really. Any spare moment you get is a good one. And he says that the thought can sometimes count more than anything at all. He says that he felt honered by the fact that I just let him walk with me to work or watch tv with him or anything at all.

He said once before today but I'll repeate it, that a tulpa is a creation with the intent of becoming a companion and they wish to share your daily life with you not take up blocks of time in it. He said that he would be pissed if u gave up anything for him because really he just enjoys seeing me enjoy myself.

He says that if you want to try to take up a few minutes when you wake up or before bed to do meditations, whenever you are forced to be quiet anyway and through your day just simply take them with you and they will follow you wherever you go.

But I keep telling him that everyone is different so this is just our experience and what worked for us. I hope you find soon what works for you Smile
If all that stuff's getting in the way of active forcing just carve time out for the two of you to do things together. Make it an appointment. Then go do the thing.

Other than that Passive is pretty much how we've gone about things here. With the occasional active forcing.
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