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[Focus & Concentration] Doubts and ADHD. A lovely combo.
Hey everyone.

I’ve been researching tulpas for months, and tried creating one on Black Friday. I now try my hardest to force her, but to no avail. I’ve tried both active and passive forcing, a wonderland, a personality trait list, narration, etc. I have tried both May The Force Be With You and JD's method. During passive forcing, I only slightly see her, doing random stuff, but that’s likely just me puppeting a servitor, even when I apparently didn’t think of that action she was doing. Every time I try to active force, visualize her, or use a wonderland, my mind quickly drifts away to something else, like with any other daydream. (And I just don’t feel right talking to a glowing orb.)

I think I’m completely incapable of doing any of this. Any help?

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(11-28-2017, 04:30 AM)ESWD45 Wrote: (And I just don’t feel right talking to a glowing orb.)

Well that's your fault for making your tulpa a glowing orb, yeah? There's no rules so I really don't get why people are so insistent on not giving their tups forms. They can change them if they want, but they probably won't want to, because it's a form you like if you chose it and so mainly they just know positive feelings about their form from you. But it's easy to make small changes if they want too. Anyways, it's been like 3 days, I know people usually make progress quickly lately but a lot of people go months before getting actual results y'know? At least give it a couple weeks...

So uh, visualization alone can be tricky to not get distracted with, even for people without ADHD. I recommend like, story-writing, or other goal-based things where there's something to stick to, because your imagination is so floaty when you're controlling 100% of the goings-on it really takes a lot of focus. If you like sit down to write a story though it'll be easier to not go too off topic, or I dunno, all sorts of forcing methods aside from traditional visualization. Like there's too many for me to think of any specifically, but I'm sure skimming guides will give you ideas. Writing stories about them, drawing them, talking to them (narration isn't really related to visualization, it's just speaking to them like they're there - the forcing part is you learning/your mind learning to treat it like there's actually someone there, which makes the rest of the process easier)
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I'm worried that writing a story may cause my tulpa to have false memories.
Hmm. Well, you don't have to write out exactly how things will go I suppose. I believe we gave this advice to someone before - 5(ish) minute timers, and planning out what you mean to do. Think of the general activities, areas/locations and so on ahead of time. Going on a walk or working on creating parts of the wonderland for example? I'm not very creative, but if you are, come up with some general ideas and either write them down or memorize them. With or without that idea, you can also use physical reminders to remain focused. You could use a phone and set it to 5 or so minute timers depending on how badly you get distracted, or something else if you can think of anything. This is assuming you're prone to getting randomly off topic when trying to stay on a subject for an extended period of time. If you can't even stay focused for thirty seconds, you'll at best need to follow strict pre-planned ideas for what you'll be doing. Visualization might not even be an option.

Another idea is Reisen's guided visualization, but feel free to change it up to suit your needs. With a physical "guide" like this entails, you should have a much easier time staying on track in your visualization. Now, I can't really think of a way to involve your tulpa (maybe you can), but it does seem like it would be good practice for you. Letting your imagination come up with new ideas and details is a good thing here, as long as you don't start outright ignoring whatever the audio you're listening to is. Which I suppose is a real threat, so make sure you primarily focus on whatever you're listening to. This should be good practice both for your visualization clarity, and perhaps (can't say, never was a problem I had) your ability to stay focused on a specific topic or scenario for longer. If you can find something or think of a way to involve your tulpa that would be great too - remember that your tulpa is free to immerse themselves in imaginary scenarios to some extent without outright causing "fake memories". Plenty of hosts and tulpas have unrealistic adventures and such in their wonderlands that, while not "real" to them, still hold significance. Otherwise, consider it an exercise in visualization and focus. You probably will have to figure out what exact audio/videos to use yourself though, it's too personal preference for me to suggest something.

And lastly, don't worry about puppeting. If your tulpa can act on their own then they can, and if they can't then they can't. As long as you aren't specifically trying to control them, there's no need to worry about puppeting at all. When things happen on their own, you might as well assume it was them, assuming they're developed enough to act on some sort of will (even if it's all "predictable") and not just act out any invasive thoughts that come to mind. If that isn't the case, imagining them doing things isn't bad either. You have to start somewhere, and if you're afraid of your tulpa not existing/acting on their own will before they can exist on their own and have their own will, you won't get anywhere.
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Now I'm having even more doubts than before. I just read several threads on Reddit about people roleplaying having tulpas and not actually having one.
That's not a universal condition. There are always a few people in the community you wonder about. But the unconfirmed rumour mill is not usually right.
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The fear you're thinking of is called puppeting. I'm not a fan of the concept, fear-wise. You're only puppeting your tulpa if you're doing it on purpose (which is fine if you're using that as a development method, but you should stop once they show signs of sentience), otherwise it's just a tulpa learning to be a tulpa, or your mind learning to have a tulpa. Worrying means nothing and there's no fake paths you can go down where you end up without a tulpa when you thought you had one. It's all in your head so you can convince yourself the realest of tulpas are fake and believe it, or you could just stop worrying, and suddenly you just have a tulpa. You give it a chance (we sometimes say having faith) and eventually you've got a tulpa and your experiences with them convince you they're real, and also at that point you should get the whole "What you experience is what you experience, there's nothing real or fake about it" thing I like to preach.
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