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[Focus & Concentration] Foghorn Meditation
To me this sounds like another technique for wonderland immersion and dissociation. Cat uses a different technique, but the concept is similar: use something similar to imposition in order to immerse into the wonderland more and dissociate from the body.

From our experiences with trying to switch- we found imposition can cause the host or fronter to associate with the body because imposition is mapped directly to the senses of the body. Recreating a fog horn noise in the distance however would help the host focus on their wonderland surroundings and not their immediate surroundings, which would lead to dissociation rather than association. This guide may not work as well if the host tries to impose or listen to the noise with their ears, so you may want to consider that caveat.

I agree with Apollo that the wording is a little weird and can lead to people getting confused. Otherwise, It's a great piece of advice that I'm confident works. Once the wording is cleaned up, I will approve this guide for tips and tricks.
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I think my issue with this is the aimlessness of it. Posting the simple technique is fine but it's useless if someone can't learn the intent of it. It's fine to even say that you shouldn't read the full thing and perform the exercise first and use the explanation later as a reflection tool.

Reading Lucilyn's comment on this actually helped out more. It told me the sort of focus I can expect and then trying it out myself I could understand why the sort of state could help focus. Such information should be in the OP.

So, what does this focus do over typical meditation to help with tulpamancy practices? If you can't answer this, I can't approve it.
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(03-14-2019, 08:44 AM)Ponytail Wrote: Posting the simple technique is fine but it's useless if someone can't learn the intent of it.

We've had experience with some similar meditation methods in the Zen tradition, so when we looked at this at first we didn't even think of this issue. But the discussion that Apollo Luminescence and Thunder had really hammered home to me how important it is to explain the point of the exercise a bit more. Listening for something that isn't there is a great way to enter a state of high focus without a discernible target for that focus, but use of imposition or imagining sound is detrimental to that effect generally speaking.

(03-14-2019, 08:44 AM)ThunderClap Wrote: So I guess this is a bit of a practice in imposition too.

Going off of that prior information that caused this mode of meditation to make sense to us, this explanation is extremely confusing.

There's also the issue that Ponytail raised as to how and why this style of meditation is more useful than most for forcing. We never used the seemingly-similar Zen techniques for forcing itself, but they proved to be among the best techniques we've found for helping a tulpa anchor into the front well while switching. I'm not 100% sure that a technique which usually helps us close off our wonderland, stop listening to the other systemmates, and associate more fully to the body would actually help with forcing. I don't know if what we did is as similar to this as it seemed though, and I don't know if this works better than I would expect though because I haven't tried it for forcing yet. What I do know is that if I had done this exercise based on the instructions without seeing Thunder address imposition, we would have done the exact same thing as in those Zen meditations.

This honestly looks promising as a short and simple meditation tip, but I'm rejecting it until additional information is added regarding what mental state is the end goal here, and how this kind of meditation works as a forcing technique compared to the internal-focus meditation styles usually associated with tulpamancy.
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I assumed the purpose of this technique in the application of forcing was to limit distractions and make the Tulpa's mind voice louder. When Cat had trouble hearing me, the techniques she used pulled me closer to the front or helped her dissociate, both of which made it easier for her to hear me. In retrospect, I'm not even sure if this was ThunderClap's intention when writing his submission.
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I like this, its simple, it's different, and it works by expanding your sense of spacial awareness. It may not be for everyone but I found it useful.

Approved for Tips and Tricks.
It seems like maybe a good Tips & Tricks post. But not if it doesn't work for any of you. (Edit: Well, I got ninja'd by one..) I imagine a lot of people have trouble clearing their mind to meditate (at which point focusing on your tulpa in general is easier), and to me it seems like giving a non-existent mental focal point to focus on can help people with that. It certainly takes away my focus from IRL sounds and other stimuli. I don't know how much it'd help us personally "force", but we've never meditated to force in the first place, so I'm not sure it's fair to require that from us.

OP's last step seems vague enough to not be too much of a problem, but maybe an ever so slightly more specific note that you can simply force your tulpa from here would be better for a Tips&Tricks aimed at newbies, seeing as older members aren't finding major use with it.
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Most newcomers tend to come in asking lots of questions, even questions that are answered within guides they are reading. 
I like this guide/tip as it's very concise and straight to the point, though in the grand scheme of things it may confuse newcomers who haven't performed much meditation. 

For example, number 3 seems to be a bit vague compared to the rest of the steps.

Quote:3) Once this happens, maintain awareness of this feeling.

A good point to make would be describe the state you feel when you've felt like you've sufficiently "spaced out." It will be very easy to maintain awareness once the reader is able to get a rough guess of the final sensation they should be feeling.

As others have stated, it seems to be a bit better suited for the Tips & Tricks subforum. I'll approve it once a few more details are added, mostly for clarity purposes. Other than that, this is pretty solid.

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