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[Focus & Concentration] Presence or lack thereof
I know I ask a lot of questions so let me start out by not apologizing but thanking you all for your gloriously wonderful answers!

My question is about presence. I searched the board a lot and read some guide but I didn't find anything that really covered what I wanted to know. It's another riveting two part questions so hold onto your seats lady's and gents!

1) presence. How does one go about feeling their tulpas presence. Toby doesn't seem to have one... At least if he does it's faint enough that I can't hardly pick up on it unless I'm concentrating to the point of nearly having an aneurism. So how do I work on that?

2) independence. He has some. We have long conversations about B.S and nothing quite a lot but I want him to be able to start conversations on his own. He's been trying but so far all he's managed is to follow me to work completely in the nude after realizing that human laws don't apply to him and he can and starting a conversation with me about a giant hot dog tearing hell through town with a pair of nunchuck's.
....... What can I do to help him develop this further if there is anything I can in fact do or is this something he needs to work on himself?

Thanks again guys Smile

It is fun To also note that now that he realizes that he can do whatever he wants he has begun denying the option of clothes whenever possible, climbing on walls and making random weird noises for no reason while I'm at work an confusing the crap out of me because no one else can hear him and he thinks it's funny.

I think he may have gone mad with power....

Lolflash - click it, you know you want to

Well, this probably won't be much help, but what I've had most success with is talking to Fench out loud. We'd be sitting together in the kitchen and I'd be talking to her out loud, and then I'd go upstairs to fetch something, and I'd get a very strong feeling that someone was waiting for me in the kitchen as I came back down the stairs, having completely forgotten her.
"Some things have to be believed to be seen." - Ralph Hodgson
Sounds like Toby has entered the Troll phase that all tuppers seem to go through. rofl

Bud's presence seems to come and go. He seems to have a very "waxing and waning" progression in his development. Some times he feels like he's there all the time, all day. Other times I have to seek him out and I'm lucky if I find him.

Independence seems to come with time in relation to treating your tupper as the real, sentient being it is. The more I treat Bud like a real person with his own thoughts and feelings, the more he becomes a real person with his own thoughts and feelings.
Lol troll phase. That sounds about right. I think it's funny though so its all good. And I hear ya with the waxy wany thing. Usually he's around 100% of the time but the last two days he's be sooooooo quiet it's almost ackward. But I think that's because I've been sick and haven't had as much energy to even passive force.

What I'm getting here is time is our best friend on this one.
Yep (my lips popped and everything on that one), some people seem to get lucky and get everything really easy in the start. Heck, I was even one of them. Everything comes so easily, aside from True sentient independence, and that simply takes time and actually working at it.

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