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[Focus & Concentration] Tulpaforcing and Meditation
(06-08-2012, 08:45 PM)Chupi Wrote: Are you by any chance expecting to see stuff on the backs of your eyelids? I ask because this was more or less my problem, and so far most people who can't see a thing seem to be running into something similar.
Oh, I wish it was that simple. No, my mind's eye is just completely degenerate. It's utterly disheartening. Today, I actually started using the exact same method you described in your last post, it seemed to help quite a bit. Yet, the images I see are about as vivid as memories of a drunk friday night two years ago, but hey, it's better than not seeing anything at all. Not everybody begins this process having years of visualization experience behind him.

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If people are finding it hard to visualize when tulpaforcing/meditating, I would suggest trying simpler exercises seeing that it can be really hard if you are starting off.
Like in one of the guides, you can focus on a small dot for 5 minutes. Then lengthening it out for longer and longer and adding more dots. Do it until you think you're ready.
Another way to help visualize is by placing an object in front of you and looking at it for a while. Then close your eyes and try to visualize it. When you think that the object is getting blury or that you can remember what it looks like, open your eyes and look at the object again. Don't worry about breaking your focus, it's more centered around helping visualization.
The thing is about making a tulpa, you really need the will power. If you start making one with a half-ass attitude, you probably will stop after 10 or so hours.
Well, this was extremely helpful and exactly what I needed. I actually understood what you're talking about. It's so hard sometimes to understand what people mean when they talk about tulpaforcing because they use vague, mysterious words, and I can totally get this. Rez is pleased. Thank you.
For how much time should i breed(meditate) before i start to tulpaforce?
This is nice collection of advice for common practices to get into in prep for forcing. However, I feel these concepts can easily be found somewhere else and applied to tulpa-related activities.

Maybe it can be shifted to a tips and tricks sub forum, but other than that, it’s not really a guide. There’s a few spelling errors like “begginers,” but again, staff will have to edit it since OP probably isn’t here.
Yeah, it might be good in Resources maybe? I'd approve for somewhere I guess.
Agreed, I approve for Resources.
Could go for resources. The exercises might look better written in a different way, right now they look very uneven and are going towards the text wall territory. Minor complaint here seeing that there's only a few lines of text and we might see Bila on IRC so we can give him the suggestion, so approved for resources for me.
The THE SUBCONCIOUS ochinchin occultists frt.sys (except Roswell because he doesn't want to be a part of it)
Resources. Approved.
Approved for Resources, although there's also some Tips material in there.

There's a good short overview of various meditation techniques/positions/exercises. Even if meditation itself isn't absolutely required, it's very helpful for most tulpa interactions, thus people should be at least familiar with it and the states of mind it brings.

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