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[Focus & Concentration] Voice Other Than Ours
I was attempting to connect with River last night when a voice starting talking and wouldn't stop. It was spouting gibberish, literally gibberish, and occasionally laughing.

In all honesty, this isn't completely unusual for me for when I'm going to sleep. There's a marked difference though: usually it's more like a radio, with someone changing the frequencies rather fast so that I only catch a certain voice for a second and then something else will come up. My fix for this is usually to turn one of the voices into music, which usually works and then I drift to sleep. Last night, it was only one voive, and once I started playing music, I would attempt to reconnect with River. It didn't work, the music would turn back into the voice. It's as if trying to concentrate on River was too much combined with composing a song.

At first River looked shocked, and then impatient as the voice would interrupt and drown him out. Eventually, he was just sad.

This morning I couldn't hear River, nor could I feel him. It wasn't until this afternoon that we were able to touch base. He believes we'll get through it and I pretty much don't doubt him. He thought that we could work in wonderland when I wake up, after I hit snooze for the first time.

I'm wondering if other people had gone through this successfully and if there's another strategy we haven't thought of.

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I've also had a gibberish-spouting voice interrupt my forcing sessions. I found I couldn't get rid of it, so I stopped the forcing session, put on some music, and cleared my head. Ten minutes later I went back to forcing and didn't have that issue for the remainder of the session.

I think it stems from mental fatigue, but that's just my guess. What do you normally do to clear your mind before a session? Have you tried going back to that when the voice gets to be too much?

Also, first post in almost a year. Good to be back!
i have never been interrupted by voices but last night while forcing, my brain was being bombed with bizarre images and since it was late i just decided to stop forcing and go to sleep. things like this tend to happen often for me

what i usually do to "refresh" my brain is to take a hot bath or shower. it can help to cool off afterwards by going for a walk or even cleaning the car

my tulpa isn't even vocal yet so that is the only advice i can give. i agree with American Dash however. this probably comes from mental fatigue
Ok, I'm going to try music next time. With my bluetooth in, I shouldn't be disrupting my roommates during this process. I think that actually sitting up would do some good as I usually lay down to do this.

A quick shower would likely help ad well, maybe even just getting up and doing something else for a couple of minutes to get blood flowing to my brain.

Thanks guys!

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