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[Forcing] Anxiety attack after tulpaforcing.
I just started tulpaforcing today. Earlier today, I spent 10-20 minutes introducing myself and explaining the goals to him. It went pretty well. I never got bored and it was actually hard for me to end the session and say goodbye, even though he hasn't done anything on his own yet. Later, I listened to music while working on his personality. For example, I want him to be hyper and joyful, so I'll listen to some happy and upbeat songs. I also want him to be romantic, so I'll listen to romantic songs. I got that from one of the guides I read on creating a tulpa. But after this session... wow. It wasn't anything special. I was working more on his personality traits and form, and just blabbering on and on about how I love him and that I'll always be by his side and that I'm excited to meet him, yada yada. It was about 30 minutes at the most. But when I opened my eyes, I felt a bit light headed. I was sleepy, so I turned out the lights and layed in bed. I got even more dizzy, and started shaking. My stomach started to feel nauseous, and I had trouble breathing for a few seconds. Now I'm worried about tulpaforcing ever again. Is this normal for beginners? Will it stop as I practice more? I have anxiety and ADD so yeah.

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It does not seem to be that usual (I haven't seen it mentioned often at least) but I suffered the same type of displeasure when I stayed tulpaforcing. It went away quite quickly.
Don't worry about it. If anything, it proves your forcing is having some kind of effect.
If you already know you have anxiety, then it could have been unrelated, especially if you get it badly. Or it could have been accidentally triggered by your feelings after forcing. When I first began active forcing, when I would do it for a while then stop I felt funny too. So I might have a liiiittle bit of an idea what you mean. I wouldn't be surprised if your brain ended up panicking from the funny feeling.

I don't get any special feelings after forcing anymore, so I wouldn't worry. I'm sure as you get used to it you'll stop feeling dizzy or sleepy, too.
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I've never had anxiety issues, but dizziness, tinnitus, a feeling of being sleepy, honest to god headaches, they all effected me in the beginning. It goes away.
I'd say it's probably unrelated, especially if it's only happened once after a forcing session.
It could be unrelated but even it it's not then it should go away after a few more sessions or maybe won't even happen again, your brain is trying to get accustomed to working in different and new ways and this can affect people in various ways, the first time Esmeralda talked on the IRC I got a killing headache, I had to ask her to stop for a while because I couldn't bear it.

Don't get discouraged because of this, it will go away.

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