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[Forcing] Connection between intensive tulpa forcing and "tetris effect" and "alien anwers"
Note that by tetris effect i don't just mean about playing tetris i mean about certain activity looping back in our mind after when done such activity for long periods of time.

After what happened to me last night (check my latest progres log at ) i am starting to realize that it's quite possible that intensive tulpa forcing even if only using visualization skills MIGHT create some kind of "tetris effect" on the mind, and since such "tetris effect" seems to create a 100% involuntary stream of semi-hallucinated thoughts and sensations in our mind, i am seeing here striking resemblances in how tulpas communicate with their hosts in a "alien way"...

I mean, from what i seen people say when their tulpas talk in a "involuntary" and "alien way", it's VERY VERY VERY similar to the "tetris effect" i experience only that applyed on the active forcing of the tulpa activity itself and not a videogame! Because let's see, thanks to the tetris effect i was finally able to hear my tulpa talk as hallucination for the first time ever, because all these months i never was able to do intensive enought active forcing sessions because my visualization skills are TOO weak.

BUT now that i used videos from the anime character my tulpa is based on to narrate to my tulpa and watch the video using the character as a base and "proxy" to connect to my tulpa, it appears the tetris effect this caused were strong enought for finally getting to hear my tulpa talking in a logic way!

Sure i know what most of you will say that was just hypnagogic random things being said that meant nothing, and specially because the voice didn't reacted to my talking back. Well, here's why i am not buying into that... First of all i got this almost INSTANTLY 5-10s after closing eyes (very rarely i got hypnagogic things this soon, UNLESS if it's after awaking at the middle of the night) also i already got this tetris effect in the past using videos from the character as well BUT never anything as "logical" as this, all the other times it was always a complete random soup of loose words without any logical connection, and this time it was actual logical sentences and even really seemed like someone doing some fun activity or talking to someone.

So could this mean that THIS is why those people that do more intensive tulpa forcing get more alien answers that come involuntarly ? Could tulpas talking in a "alien way", at least with younger tulpas be some kind of tetris effect of intensive forcing sessions?? This could explain why without watching the videos or without intensive visualization for long periods of time i wasn't able to get alien answers from the tulpa...

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Can you explain it in a different way? I feel like I understand and I want to give a bit of feedback from my end, but I'm pretty sure there's something I'm missing.

What do mean with 'alien way', and what's the clear definition of 'tetris effect'?
(05-29-2014, 06:17 PM)Redline Wrote: Can you explain it in a different way? I feel like I understand and I want to give a bit of feedback from my end, but I'm pretty sure there's something I'm missing.

What do mean with 'alien way', and what's the clear definition of 'tetris effect'?

By "alien way" i mean you receiving sentences in a totally INVOLUNTARY/UNCONCIOUSLY way that feel to come out of nowhere in a surprising way. For example we don't know what the tulpa is going to say until we finish hearing the sentence, also there's a "implicit" feeling that it's from the tulpa and not from us as well. Also sometimes i even hear the tulpa's mind voice coming from another "mental layer" or another place in my mind CLEARLY different from my thoughts and auditory visualizations come from. It can also come in auditory hallucinations which, at least on me so far are 100% involuntary and mostly only with closed eyes.

By tetris effect i really meant that definition, check out on wikipedia ( ). Obviously i am not talking about hallucinating tetrominos BUT since i started watching videos from the character my tulpa is based from, more intensively now in a daily basis (for now just 20m a day), i am finally feeling my tulpa more than just a copy of the character, it feels as being more "alive" and i never was able to got such effect with "normal" forcing using just visualization and narration, i am even starting to get alien answers more frequently with the ball counting test (and they are accurate because usually ONLY the alien answers have the correct nr of balls that i didn't conciously count).

Now i understand why only at weekends i was able to feel my tulpa stronger, it was because at weekends i mostly force the tulpa using videos as "inspiration", and during the weekdays i mostly rely ONLY on narration and visualization (very weak).

Regarding the context of this thread, what i mean is that "forcing" tulpas during a lot of time seems to act as a "tetris effect" and this could explain why persons get more involuntary/alien answers from the tulpas after forcing more time.

This means that when people get the tetris effect by playing videogames or doing some kind of activity for long periods of time even if it's not actually forcing a tulpa, it's actually a VERY similar mental effect because keep in mind tulpas ARE thoughtforms as well just like the things we focus when doing such activities, so i am suspecting this IS indeed the same thing.
Ah, now I get what you mean. In the same sense, I guess that's been working more often for me, considering I decided I was going to have Fes carry on with a french accent and I downloaded some french podcasts to help. Now that I've been through the routine for a couple of times, I notice it's not as hard as it was last time, considering I did have the material to go off of. I did notice some remarkable differences in communication between the two of us, because a need to practice the accent emphasizes the need to talk, and anything is up for a topic these days.

Continuing on what you noticed and the article cited, it really is a sort of tetris effect. I can see where I've made a few strides in talking to Fes, and were I still have work, but for the most part the podcasts were my window to a world where the things we said made sense. For the longest, I have worried about parroting and the more we talk, the more it seems like I was parroting her all the time- to avoid this, in my head I began a little routing where the things we said would get clicked onto paper, like watching a typewriter type out words for a script. At first it was rudimentary, but the longer I kept it up the better the image got, to where if I was afraid of parroting I would just call up the script and watch it click out for some separation in our thoughts. It's worked wonders, and I note that the more I listen to the french, the stronger it gets in an attempt to split up my voice and her voice in my head. I haven't gotten to auditory hallucinations, and for that I say congratulations!

As for the alien effect, I just thought that one day my thoughts were mine and her thoughts were hers, so I didn't really get that feeling of 'Oh man, she's thinking thoughts that aren't mine'. I think I can explain it best in a game we played last night for a game in the forum. We played Rock Paper Scissors in an effort to see who would win, and the moment we started she said she would win, and for one clear cut reason; in my head, I would purposely lose in an effort to keep it fair. I would understand the limits of the game and know that because she was in my head, I could use my hostly powers to influence her thinking to pick the losing hand in the final throw. I told her that wasn't going to happen, and she just grinned and dared me. I went once and she won, and then she argued a bit more about the effects of her living in my head and the way that things were going to have to be, and that there are going to be set standards. I tried to fight what she was saying, and then she lost the next throw and I thought hard about why. Seconds into me gloating about how I won the second throw, I noticed I thought about Rock and threw Paper, and she threw Rock and lost. I was so worried about it that I tried to section off my mind in a way that would give her ample space to think on her own and all I did was end up distracting myself to where I knew I threw something and she beat me. She then laughed a little and we settled the deal for the prize of posting, and then things were back to normal. The thing was, I considered Fespera to be my little helper, so when I think of how my thoughts go, I know that she can see them and that me trying to keep her from something is going to both hurt her trust in me and end up backfiring miserably. I don't get the 'alien effect' because when she started thinking for herself, I said that it was me doing it and then just trusting her with the sentience.

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