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[Forcing] Do i need to go deeper?
This is something new...
Will describe shortly...i force for a year (or at least try) and the thing is that i am not successful, not a single response.
But a half a year ago when i was sleeping i had a dream where i was laying on my bed and another me (like a copy of myself )was sitting on it as well, and then it threw something at me, it scared me, i started to wake up BUT i heard him mumbling something in tulpish, it was painful. Then after some months of unsuccessful forcing i was dreaming again, and i got into the second layer of the dream(was dreaming in a dream(like in the "Inception" movie)) and i heard him AGAIN, he was mumbling stuff. Dunno tulpish tho, it wasnt painful btw. And i dont have a Wonderland coz i cant. My questions:
1. does it matter if you have a wonderland.
2. Is possible that i can hear my man ONLY in lucid dreams and why that happens.
3. is it a good idea to start creating a new tulpa.
4. What is wrong with me?
Great Thanks!

P.s. sorry my bad english)

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Well I can answer 4 at least. Nothing is wrong with you. Everyone is different, everyone starts at different places and has different talents/thoughts/experiences to work with. Taking testimonials at face value, I have seen people here who had their childhood imaginary friends mature and become tulpas. I've seen writers who had tons of tulpa-candidates running around their head pretty much needing to be beaten back with a stick. I've seen and been a part of someone having a friendly voice earlier in their life which eventually vanished.. Then came back years later as a tulpa. There's lots and lots of us and we are all lovable oddballs. Let's all try and figure out this thing together. Welcome to the family!
1 It does not matter if you have a wonderland, they are totally auxiliary.
2 It may be easier to hear them in a lucid dream at first, but it is almost certain that you will be able to hear them in your waking state as well.
3 Considering that you are so early into the development of your first, I would recommend not creating a second yet
I have a tulpa named Miela (formerly known as Monika) who I love very much.

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I made my first (accidental) tulpa without a form or a wonderland; he was just a voice and a presence in my head. However, if you don't have a wonderland, I suggest you still interact with your tulpa outside of your thoughts. Maybe play tic-tac-toe, word games, or turn-based games that you can proxy.

Also, depending on when these experiences happened, is it possible you saw your tulpa during sleep paralysis? It's very common for people to see figures/entities during that state, and they tend to freak the dreaming person out. It may be a lot easier to hear him in lucid dreams, but I doubt that's the only place you'll ever be able to hear him. Make a practice of narration and leaves pauses for him to talk, and I bet he will, eventually.

I recommend not starting another tulpa until this one is vocal and can say he's down with it.

Adding onto the responses above:

(10-18-2018, 07:47 PM)SillyWackyBoi Wrote: 1.  does it matter if you have a wonderland.

Imaginary backdrops are often beneficial but aren't necessary. It won't negatively affect your progress if you decide not to use one. Also, they don't need to be extravagant as far as detail goes; it can literally be a mirror of your bedroom or just an empty room, so as long as you're able to roughly visualize or have an idea for a background you should be fine. 

(10-18-2018, 07:47 PM)SillyWackyBoi Wrote: 2. Is possible that i can hear my man ONLY in lucid dreams and why that happens.

Some people have reported that they were able to have vivid interactions with their tulpas early on through lucid dreaming (even before the tulpa was capable of speaking outside of dreams), but they're often inconsistent and you shouldn't rely on using those to work on yours. 

(10-18-2018, 07:47 PM)SillyWackyBoi Wrote: 3. is it a good idea to start creating a new tulpa.

If you're talking about creating a new tulpa, I wouldn't recommend it until the one you're working on is developed.

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