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[Forcing] Ear Pain
I already know it's attributed to Tulpaforcing but I'm wondering if anyone can let me know how this figures into their experience... My tulpa and I have been getting very close to auditory imposition we feel but lately there's been a throbbing and occasionally painful sensation in my left ear that only manifests whenever we interact. I know for sure that it's only when we're together, because I was just on the phone for around 3 hours and I told her that we would speak afterwards and then suddenly it starts up again as soon as I address her. There has also been occasional very soft tinnitus but only the left ear for some reason, as well as occasional 'whispers'. I can't understand them, but they're detailed enough not to mistake the, for the wind or such.

So what's going on here with my ear? Does this stop further down the road? Will it hurt when I hear her the first few times? What do?

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Until someone more knowledgeable shows up here's my two cents...

I have had very similar experiences before, but I've never experienced pain in my ear from it. I read that orange juice and other vitamin C is good for concentration headaches, but I'm not sure that's what you're experiencing.

My first thought would be to see if you can find a different source for your discomfort, but failing that, I've often experienced that the act of forcing will sometimes cause me to become very tired very quickly, but if I continue on and move past it, I can still continue. Perhaps you could try putting your focus into your other ear and ask your tulpa to use that one as well, to rule out any possible problems you might be having with your left ear.

Anyway, I'm no expert and I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help.
Tulpas are not just limited to just headaches or head pressure, they will often communicate or send you messages in other ways. I get tingles that go up and town my back when Co is happy, it is quite pleasant.
No one can say for sure because a lot of people have different experiences with tulpas.
I would say it is your tulpa, and it will stop on down the road, I dont think your first time hearing her will hurt.
Have you asked your tulpa about it? See if she can communicate in a way less painful.

However on the off chance that its not your tulpa, if your ear ache continues I would consider talking to your doctor about it.
I don't like calling her 'my' tulpa, I don't own her. She is the tulpa that lives with me in our body.
Thank you everyone, I should have clarified though. I forgot to mention that Zola is completely fluent in mind voice and we've been very, very focused on auditory imposition. So I have no doubts that the pain is her since she's outright told me she's trying to talk to me physically. I think I will defininatly try her talking through my right ear too though and try stopping communication through left ear only.

Anyone else have any thoughts for me?

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