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[Forcing] faqmans hour count
Anyone have a realistic hour count for every price of FAQmans guide?

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>This all took me a total of 130 hours: over the course of 2.5 months, 2-3 hours a day 5 days a week.
>Personality... Think up around 30-15 traits, and think about each trait in relation to your tulpa for 15-30 minutes.
>Visualization... You should spend from 5-15 hours on it.
>Touch... Again, this step should take around 5-15 hours. There’s no skimping out here.
>Smell... 3-10 hours on this step, says I.
>Gestures and Body Language... Put a good 5-10 hours into this step.
>Subsequent Tulpaforcing... Ideally from 1 to 3 hours a day.
>Sentience, Narration and Voice... Note that it takes 25 or so hours (usually more) for this to happen.
>Imposition... Work on seeing, touching, smelling the tulpa in your peripheral vision, don't rush it. Once you can do this easily, start imagining your tulpa in front of you daily, for a couple hours. Talking, and doing whatever you do.

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Realistic hour count for FAQman’s guide: 130 hours. That moment when individuals who strictly follow the guide, and end up completely inept in learning how to live their lives with their tulpa after presumably creating them from said guides, and the turnout rate of threads asking how to live their lives with their tulpa: priceless.

In all seriousness, good luck, it’s rare to find someone actually being committed to do his guide in their PR. At least the ambition and work ethic potential is there, hopefully it can have a lasting effect after 130 hours.
No as in, people say 'dont follow the hour count' I need to know like what people think

A 'realistic' hour count in not sure how to explain

*BUT I'm happy to do as he says, and commit to it
Trouble is it varies so much from one person to another that it's hard to give a realistic hour count. The ones he gives are somewhere in the middle, a bit on the high side. The range is simply really large, so don't write off results you see earlier as fake or declare yourself a failure if you take way longer.
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alright thank you

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