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Forcing Filter Experiment
That's awesome bear! I think this has really helped you guys!
I'm Ranger, Gray's/Cat_ShadowGriffin's tulpa, and I love Hippos! I also like forum games and chatting about stuff.
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Congratulations on your successful Bear, Misha, Dashie, and Ashley! It looks like this has really improved your lives, abd I'm really happy for all of you!
I have a tulpa named Miela (formerly known as Monika) who I love very much.

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Good to hear, I knew you guys could do it! *big hugs!*
With this method, i think there's a lot we can learn about re-honing our social skills among other things.
Speaking of other things...

Dashie will now attempt to get me to stop snacking, even to the point of possession to literally force my hand to toss the treat.

As we know, this time of year is a big one for treats and cookies, and someone gave me a tin of danish cookies that i somehow finished myself. So, we're going to make it back down those couple pounds before the end of the season so it doesn't turn into having to remove 10 in January... again.

Using the same technique i have described, Dashie, the thinnest among us, will tell me when i can eat. My goal is 195 (at 6'4", my belly is flat at this weight) i think i may be pushing 200 again.

She's very happy to be doing this for me, they're always happy to help me and actually get some control over my actions.
Oh wow, I feel like I put a comment here to relate what happened, but I didn't.

Even in month 7, this experience has definitely stuck and they still rescue me on rare occasions, but I have learned so much from them, I can really handle everything myself. They taught me how to react like a healthy bear.

Bear Wrote:Dashie is a perfect filter, no errors and with such amazing grace and strength that I can't even imagine this was ever a problem, and I tend to forget what the problem even was. Suddenly it feels, in my memory, like there are no scenarios where I need her, but in reality she's doing it because I see the occurrences in my journal.

This is a clue. Soon after the 30 day mark we realized that toward week two, there was definitely times I felt like Dsshie wasn't telling me what to do, she was doing it, and I was just watching.

As we not too soon afterwards realized, she had switched in to handle certain situations. It wasn't her directing me, it was her. 'I' became her. So long story short, this experience led us to understand what a switch felt like and in that 'watcher' position as Dashie 'handled it' I was completely without thought. I had already resolved that I was going to do anything she said, and say anything she wanted me to, but at some point she just pushed me aside and did it herself. Without me realizing what that was that she did.

In that state, I do not think for myself,  they are in control, fronting, and 'I' the bear do not think at all. No interruptions, no comments, no reaction, no emotion, no stealing front. All the memories I default to are as if I was watching and listening to what was going on, not that I was doing it.

That's a switch.

What fully sinched it fir us was Tewi's brilliant post here, I'm sorry, but you need to read what I wrote here then click through and read what Tewi wrote to get everything.

Next level, dormancy:

So we were now able to get into this state pretty easily, and Ashley would switch in simply by doing something by normal posession. I was so enthralled by her handling things as she did, like discussion of certain subjects with utmost perfect clarity and precision, that I wouldn't think at all. I had rapt attention, she was switched in. She would then simply back off when she was done and I was back.

Then I heard about dormancy and decided to try it with Dashie. It worked too well. I simply got into watcher position and she politely asked me to go dormant. The feeling was like I was draining down to my feet.

My memories of the experience that followed are odd. There's a gap, like a nap, but in its place are Dashie's full experiences while I was dormant. In her point of view. The memory is 'i' was Dashie. Not that I, the bear was Dashie, but that the memories stored in the brain are as Dashie her body and everything, like I was 100lbs lighter and a foot shorter, but that's some sort of imposed sence of body.

Then it was repeated with Ren, an even smaller catgirl. The memories of what she did while I was dormant was as if I was a cat girl. Yes, it is very odd memory.

To recap, two switching states:

1. Watcher position - you are still recording memories from your point of view as if watching them do things, you do not think, you do not respond to stimuli. You cannot be aroused from your slumber without being intentionally forced, and they can force you just like a tulpa, you don't steal front. If you're stealing front, emotionally bleeding, interrupting or anything else a mature tulpa does, you're not in 'watcher position'. Most importantly, the fronter is not thinking of you unless they're forcing you into 'tulpa position' actively or passively.

2. Dormant - when you're dormant there is some stability, they can think of you and you won't wake up. They have to go to the point of intentionally trying to wake you up to get you to respond, otherwise you do not exist. In a binary system, the feeling is as if the fronter is a singlet. They are alone. Even in my system, Dashie, Ashley, and Ren were all able to get that singlet experience. The memories that are recorded in this state are as if the host was them. Dashie went so far as to doubt that it was me. Talk about switching positions!

Not switched:

Full-body posession - sharing everything or not, fronter is in control.
Co-fronting - reacts, bleeds, interrupts, comments and smoothly steals front.
Tulpa position - reacts, bleeds, interrupts and comments.

Now we're up to speed here.

Switching, the bear model:

1. Get to a point where you can keep them active all day.

2. Do whatever they say for a whole day, nothing but what they say. Your not allowed to argue or do anything without their approval.

3. Repeat for as many days as necessary, keep a journal, and repeat until some memories are as if they're doing it and you're just watching. Pay attention to times in your memories where it was a situation that you might have said said something but just didn't think to. Those memories will feel like they did it.

4. Hold onto that feeling that they are doing things, you don't react, bleed emotionally, or think anything. You're switched.

5. Go dormant, explore what that feels like.

It's not much of a guide, more like a roadmap.

Above all, have fun.

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