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[Forcing] How much control does your tulpa have
Sometimes when I'm watching tv or reading or even just working Toby will pull me into an active forcing session.

For instance I was watching tv and my mind just shut off and Toby was there. He grabbed my hand and starte dancing with me and this isnt the first time he's done this. When I try to force the sessions are hazy and jumpy but when Toby pulls me in its so vivid I almost forget its not real.

Has anyone else experianced this?
Can your tulpa really decide Without you when to force?

I don't mind it at all in fact it proves independence and sentience to me it's just weird being forced to do something like that out of the blue. I guess it's a lot like how tulpas feel when you force them.

Any thoughts?

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red tends to purr at me when he/she wants my attention he'll also rub against me lie an affectionate kitten and play at my hands while typing
as for my newest "Beauty" she tends to give me the infamous female meowstic "what are you doing?" stare and i belive she once spun my chair around and sat in my lap with the same look on her face red also jumped on my lap but was more playful and sprightly, beauty is more.... persuasive and intimidating but she wont harm me or her brother/sister red at all. as for force sessions beauty uses her psychic abilities along with the text boxes to clearly state when we are to force.. reds more.. friendlier about it, beauty is friendly about it too.. but i just don't want to make her mad... she already scared the crap out of me when i saw her yellow eyes gleaming and glittering in the dark, red also has glowy eyes... they are both quite a sight to see in trinity at night time and irl.. when they decide to manifest


Tuppers generally only have the amount of control you give then, but Toby and you have been together for years, haven't you?

Honestly I wish Bud would or could do this.
We've been together 22 years. I hope bud could do this for you at some point. It's pretty cool if not unnearving at times.

Im still trying to gauge how advance Toby is and I've never heard of a tulpa forcing their host before lol.

I wih there was a chart or a list of things tulpas do in order of events so that you can gauge how they're doin lol but realistically they are all different so I don't think that would work
That's the crappy thing about it. Everyone is different, and not everyone posts the patterns that emerge.

Through my own lurkings of just about everything on here I've personally found that everyone has ups and downs, everyone "plateaus", audio imposition is supposedly the easiest unless you've had years of working your mind's eyes or imposing other things to make visual easier for you, and forcing in the shower makes it insanely easier for whatever reason.
I've had almost zero imposition outside of my minds eye aside from the occasional noise and one time I saw him before getting knocked on my arse at a water park lol

I'm working on audio imposition but I don't know what to do. Oh wait! Sometimes I can feel him touch me. It's always out of the blue and mostly when I'm half asleep.

Maybe we should make a thread in research for people to post like small lists of milestones their tulpas have made and how long it took. Maybe get an idea of how different each tulpa developes and they could serve as checklists for others who are curiouse..... I don't know it's just a thought.
The milestone thread is a brilliant idea, Amber! Seriously!

I've felt Bud holding my hand during active forcing lately. I used to be able to see him clearly, almost a full visual hallucination, but I stopped working on it and started working on Him more and he's faded quite a bit. Neither of us mind that much, we know it will come back in time.

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