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[Forcing] Linkzelda's Ultimate Self-Hypnosis Scripts For Your Tulpa-Related Needs
Here's an example on a script for vocality I made like 30 minutes ago:

As for the names, you can just replace them, and if you only have one tulpa, all the more reason to others to format it for that, and twist things up a bit. There's another one I made, but it was specifically for one tulpa, and was probably like 7 pages long. This one is about 5 pages, but that's because the font size is at 16 rather than the previous one that has a font size of 11.

I may make more in the future, and will attempt to make some to anyone that requests it as well.

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I've used the Tulpa creation script about three times. I see Vixy each time and can just barely sense her presence when I think about her outside of the trance.

Though I suspect that the hypnosis would work better if I could do breathing exercises at the same time. Has anyone tried recording MP3s of these scripts?
I do, but I listen to my crappy voice for personal use once in a blue moon. I mostly just read and use the same tone of voice, and I always end up yawning and getting relaxed easily, even if I was full of energy.

The thing with active voice vs. passive listening is that you might doze off, and forget what you're listening to. Maybe after repeated times, it could work, but I personally like using an active voice seeing how it may imply to your mind that you're really wanting things to happen if you take great efforts to show that. Also, it's normal to have augmented visualization during the trance, and back to the I-can't-see-for-the-life-of-me after. You just have to let it settle it with practice, and maybe believing what you did during the session will shift into anything else beyond that.
I've listened to MP3 hypnosis scripts before. After a few times, I started blacking out during them. I've heard that means they're working. But I've also heard that means you're just falling asleep. Linkzelda might very well be right.
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This one looks brilliant to be honest. Always believed in those hypnosis like suggestions to the mind. I will try it when I get back home and edit the post.

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Since this thread is tl;dr, I'd like to ask if the PDF in the OP is complete, or if the links in later post represent new content not merged into the original.
The vocality script is found in the PDF. Haven't found the "we" script yet after looking around, as the words don't really pop out. Can't find the MP3 either, but that's just an audio version of the "we" script.
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Added a switching hypnosis script, many more scripts to come in the future.
The Mediafire link to the PDF in the first post is dead. The text seems to be mirrored here, for example, but I can't find the PDF itself anywhere.
(P.S. I also found this guide (same author) useful, it's intended for lucid dreaming but goes into more detail on general stuff.)
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Edited the post with the mirrored link. If any more can be found, I'll add them too.
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