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[Forcing] Linkzelda's Ultimate Self-Hypnosis Scripts For Your Tulpa-Related Needs
(05-28-2013, 11:09 PM)HumbleGlow Wrote: Since the guide doesn't have anything useful for imposition (and I mean more than just presence, I mean imposition onto all senses), I wrote my first custom self-hypnosis script tonight using Linkzelda's method:

It's very much tailored towards my personal mode of thinking (so it will likely not work for everyone, or even be detrimental for some), and also my personal situation (like "tulpas" in plural, and it mentions a certain place in my wonderland; you can edit that if you want to use this script for yourself).

Anyway, I've only done one reading now, and quite expectedly there was no immediate tangible result. I certainly noticed that this was the most emotional self-hypnosis I've ever had with this method (my voice was trembling at multiple points), but then again the script is quite emotional.

My tulpas said afterwards that the script is awesome and helped tons, and insisted that repeating this has top priority from now on. So I guess I must have done something right. Comments are welcome.

That's a very good job! I like that! I apologize for not making a good imposition for all senses. I'm glad you decided to use the template and posted your own custom script! I encourage everyone to pitch in if they can to show their own scripts as well.

Thanks so much for posting that, I'm glad you were able to easily get the concept of how to make a template, and I wish you AND your tulpae the best in creating more, the possibilities are endless!

I think your script is pretty good, and in fact, I believe that after you use the wake-up script after saying your personalized script (or if you made one of your own), you could continue to do your own traditional method for imposition. And if your tulpae like it, that's good too, embrace their enthusiasm, and they can help you have the higher degree of inward attention that hypnosis allows you to have. Just remember that's what hypnosis leads to (and towards a heightened state of suggestibility)

Keep it up! And again, thank you for posting your custom script! And don't be shy to post more in the future too!


Here's the vocality script I made in the guide for members who are interested in training their tulpae to not run out of conversations, or at least random words to say. There's a word on page 4 (the bottom part that says "random words and phases," but I meant to type "phrases." I didn't change it because I presumed people would get the point, and our subconscious would be able to correct that mistake):

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