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[Forcing] Linkzelda's Ultimate Self-Hypnosis Scripts For Your Tulpa-Related Needs
GAT-related commentary:


If hypnosis scripts are not allowed in the guides forum, it should be moved where appropriate - for example, there was a collaborative hypnosis thing before Linkzelda's time, with both scripts and even some recordings done, although it was done more "in person" (IRC, skype, etc) rather than by self-hypnosis.

If they are allowed, I would say the document is a good crash-course introduction to self-hypnosis, even if it has some frontloading (or setting the reader's expectations), but that's kind of normal as far as hypnosis goes.

As for the scripts usefulness and effectiveness, I have no idea as I haven't used them (as far as self-suggestion and self-hypnosis goes, I'm doing my own personal thing tailored to my own needs) - on a cursory glance they look fine, but it's hard to know without trying them out yourself.

If enough users reported success on *all the scripts included*, I would mark this for approval, or at a minimum an assurance from the creator of the guide that all the scripts are fully tested and fully effective on him. In practice, most scripts are made with a purpose, thus they're untested at first, and while it may be harsh - as guide rules go - untested guides can't be approved without assurances that the author of the guide (at a minimum) succeeded in using them - even if I think that they may work for some people.

So, disapproved if guide author or his users didn't test the guide fully, and approved if at least one of them tested all the scripts and achieved success with that.

My personal opinion is that the introduction to self-hypnosis is a fine guide in itself (even if tangentially related to tulpas), but the scripts may not be a tested thus their approval may have to be delayed until they are and they prove their effectiveness.

While not as important, on a technical note, it might be best to learn to format your documents better - if it's the sort of thing that's mostly plain text with an image or two, releasing as text+image or html+image would be simpler, otherwise if you're going for a PDF, it wouldn't hurt to learn to use the features of your text processor (for example text justification) or learn something more professional like (La)TeX for formatting your documents - otherwise you're just using an unnecessarily advanced format without taking advantage of its features - thus if you don't need those features or can't make use of them - you might be better off using simpler, more accessible formats.

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