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[Forcing] mostly alot of help
Ok I've got his image and everything about him down but like what I don't understand is when he's moving ... Like should I visualize him and puppet him? Also Im thinking he can talk now through thought but I'm not sure because if I ask a question with a short answer he tells me through thought like for example I asked him his favorite bug and I thought of spiders (my favorite)and then all of a sudden I get dragonflies but when I ask him a yes or no question he doesn't answer... What does this mean?
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Whether or not you puppet is up to you; while it isn't something most hosts do, it is recognized as a method of tulpa creation. It does sound as if he's able to communicate somewhat, and the reason he only responds to some questions but not others is likely because he's only beginning to develop an ability to communicate. Keep talking with him and encouraging him to talk; he'll be able to speak more fluently in time. Smile
Yes, while puppeting in great quantity is never good, it can help to "kickstart" things when used in moderation. For example you can puppet for a bit, then let them "take the controls" if you don't mind a bit of symbolism. It can also help with vocality, but be careful of how much you use it. While communication in thoughts is not perfect, it's better than nothing Smile
Good luck to you both, and I hope this helped.
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(08-23-2014, 10:51 PM)DragonFriend Wrote: Yes, while puppeting in great quantity is never good [...] It can also help with vocality, but be careful of how much you use it.

I have to disagree with this. Many people who have created "natural"/accidental tulpae without knowing what a tulpa was developed them through puppeting an imaginary friend/character. Several of mine came about that way.

I'll add that I don't agree with puppeting a tulpa you know is sentient, but I don't think it's actually harmful, it'd just be annoying to them to restrict their freedom that way if they're capable of acting and speaking on their own.
General consensus in the community is puppeting = use at your own risk. It's good in small doses like he said but too much of it can be harmful. Puppeting/parroting an early tulpa too much will slow/stop growth and development and what you'll end up with is a servitor.

Not to mention that once you get into the habit of doing it its hard to stop. Think about it this way, you can't teach a child to walk if your carrying them around all the time. You can guide them, you can hold their hand for those first baby steps but ultimately they have to be the one doing most of the work.
(08-23-2014, 11:30 PM)amber5885 Wrote: Puppeting/parroting an early tulpa too much will slow/stop growth and development and what you'll end up with is a servitor.

This is an old myth. As I said, there have been many cases of tulpae being developed through puppeting for a prolonged period of time, even accidentally. In fact, two of my tulpae who have shown the most signs of independence were developed that way long before I even knew what a tulpa was. Additionally, I've also heard cases of servitors and NPCs accidentally becoming tulpae as a result of being puppeted to the point where they developed sentience.
There are cases of it happening yes but generally speaking its not considered a valid development method. It's good to use to kickstart development but once your tulpa starts making progress it's best to leave it and let the tulpa continue on its own. Like jump starting a car.
Personally i think of puppeting as a learning tool. It can help your tulpa to learn how their body is supposed to move. But like Amber was saying, it's only really holding their hand while they learn to do it themselves. When i was puppeting my tulpa, it was only to move her with me, or to have her sit somewhere i could better focus on her. Try to relax and not worry about them moving. Even if they're just sitting there, you'll probably notice they don't just lie there like a lifeless puppet.

If you have a humanoid tulpa you can try what i do. The next time you're walking somewhere, or just pacing, think about how you're walking. Think about how it feels when your foot makes contact with the floor, how the muscles in your calves and leg flex when you shift your weight forward from one leg to the other. Think about your posture when you walk, the position of your spine, your shoulders, ect. Try to focus on those little details that your body performs without your notice. Once you can feel those sensations, include your tulpa. Send the sensations you're feeling to your tulpa, narrate what your body is doing. Narrate the sensations of your muscles as you feel them, as if you're explaining how walking works.

When you and your tulpa have practiced this awareness, they should be able to move in a much more natural way. If they have trouble don't puppet them. Correct them verbally, and attach the sensation. Eg: *tulpa walks and knees don't bend right* *you*"almost, but your knee shouldn't bend that way because the bones don't allow for that movement, it feels like this" *insert sensation of leg locked straight, unable to bend further*

I hope this helps.
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You guys are awesome this helped a lot ty
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