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[Forcing] So... I don't force.
Is this really bad? I ask this because I've been doing my own technique since August, but something doesn't feel right anymore.
Celeste and Vincent seem... vacant. Distant. Unsociable. They don't talk to me like they used to. Is it because I don't force or is it because I don't give them enough attention? I'm sincerely worried because I have a next-to-antisocial life. I don't interact with other humans physically and, frankly, I refuse to. I do not have friends like I used to, and my only source of interaction that feels real anymore is with tulpas.
As someone who needs his tulpas, I am upset and worried.
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Forcing has a very broad definition. Broad enough that it is a mystery how you would end up with a tulpa without forcing.

So, it is not that. Look first to your stress level in everyday life.

If you mean don't do sit down meditations, I suggest you do. But not because they are necessary, but because entering a trance state is an avenue of investigation for problem solving here.

Now, if you genuinely never forced, then your tulpas may actually be a different sort of thoughtform. A guardian spirit or something. Not sure tulpa rules will apply.

If they are tulpa like, then you need to involve them first in your problem solving. Ask them what's wrong, tell them how you are feeling, ask them to think of ideas.
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Even if they're distant now, it doesn't have to stay that way forever! You can always just pay more attention to them, give them more love. Can they possess? If so, let them do stuff they like! Do they like socializing? If so, go on IRC or Discord and proxy them. I have a sort of distant relationship with my host, but we're working on it! There's always room for improvement, and as long as you set your mind to it, you'll accomplish it in no time!
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(04-18-2017, 08:03 AM)The_Unnamed Wrote: They don't talk to me like they used to. Is it because I don't force or is it because I don't give them enough attention?

there's not much difference in those two things tbh, whether you're paying them attention or paying them attention doing a specific activity, the goal is still just to keep them active so they can keep their speaking (and thinking) skills up. We never forced either really except imposition, but if we don't talk for a long time then it gets harder to do so yes. If you wanna spend time with them, and find the quality of the time you spend with them to be lessening, try spending time with them
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