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[Forcing] The time it takes
So I have begun active forcing and its goin fine actually, slight headaches, fatigue ... Normal things but I can't go any longer than 15 minutes or do without falling alseep. So I do it once in the morning, once in the afternoon and once at night.

My question is two part.

1) what kind of progress am I looking for? Today Toby took me into a room filled with flower petals and began throwing them at me. So I'm gonna take that as progress lol

2) will it become easier over time to have longer sessions?

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Progress itself is what you're looking for really. Anything.

I can't speak for others but I personally have up and downs with active forcing. Sometimes it's easy and more than just a couple hours have past, other times I get five minutes in and have to stop or I'll take a nap. Sometimes I even end up taking a nap. I think there are a lot of environmental variables that come into play with how long someone can active force. When I'm stressed, I can't do it as long. If I feel like I've been lazy that day, or that I could be doing something else that is also productive, it gets hard.

I've noticed my best sessions are after work, on days that didn't take too much out of me and I've been able to get some things done at home. I'm not too tired, and I feel satisfied, those are normally the times when my active forcing can go the longest.
I try not to force in bed because this causes me to relax and fall asleep Instead i will sit in a chair and do it.
Also I usually force in the morning after I have a cup of coffee, it helps me focus better.
1. That sounds like good progress from Toby, anything that seem out of character for you or that you question "did I do that" If you have to even ask the question then it was your tulpa can be good progress. Also the more complex it is what they did, generally means that is is your tulpa.
2. Most people get better at things the longer they practice them. I would be really surprised if you did not make any progress toward longer forcing sessions over time.
I have noticed on the forum that forcing multiply times a day is considered better because it gets you thinking about your tulpa more often, and this is good because the more you think about something the more it will be in your mind and pop into your thoughts. Talking to them during mealtime, or when you are driving in the car or anytime during the day when your not totally distracted from them.. I use to get on my phone and mess around but not so much anymore, because I want to talk to my tulpas
I don't like calling her 'my' tulpa, I don't own her. She is the tulpa that lives with me in our body.
I didn't understand first part of your question...shouldn't you yourself know what kind of progress you are looking for?

And about second part-
Yes, it will get easier to forge a tulpa in flames of mind (weird huh? I don't like the term force) but it will also get boring (like playing a game with main story completed). Well thats my experience.
I think she was wondering the quality of progress with active forcing compared to passive forcing.

I'm not trying to just assume, Amber, so correct me if I'm wrong. It was just the take that I took on your question.
Exactly Ashmo,

I do and har always done almost 100% passive forcing so Toby is pretty well developed but I wanted to try active forcin to see if anything changes. I have noticed that his voice becomes more distinct after forcing sessions and another thing I'm wondering if it will help is his thought process.

He looses his train of thought when we talk, it's all good though we all do it but I was wanting him to be able to "think outside the box" a little better. Maybe be able to start a conversation without my help you know.
Thinking outside the box seems to come with time. How much is not known. I consider Bud to be fully sentient, but not fully independent yet, if you understand my meaning?

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