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[Forcing] What helps you?
Everyone has their own tips, rituals and preferences when it comes to effective forcing do I was wondering, what are some of yours?

Mine is almost 100% diet. Omega 3's, lots of water, exercise before and after sessions (small things like a short walk or dancing to my favorite song just to get the oxygen going) I eat lots of fruit and I try to eat healthy. Cutting diet sodas and aspertaime, really any artificial sweetener helped me DRAMATICALLY!!! I can't stress the difference in concentration and focus in just one week.

And I keep a personal journal with Toby for both of us to track progress.

What about you guys? What kind of things helped you out the most? Anything at all!

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I can't stress hydration enough. Often when people get headaches from forcing a long time / concentration headaches, they actually are just somewhat dehydrated. For me, water or something with electrolytes like Powerade zero (I'm on a low sugar diet currently) makes me feel so much better.

Getting enough good sleep is also very important, so you can be more alert and focused during the day.
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Being in contact with my feelings and desires, motivation/and feelings help a lot, I think
As far as diet, I only drink water and unsweetened tea. Fench is encouraging me to adopt a healthier diet, so I'm cutting out sugars and stuff.

I've found that anapana meditation has helped a lot with forcing, but I have trouble maintaining the practice.
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I get antsy sitting in the same position, so before forcing I stretch my legs real good to make me more comfortable. I like it quiet, and do breathing exercises to calm and focus.

I guess it's also sorta a ritual to try and feel his hands. Makes immersion easier, I guess.
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i dont know if its a thing but sometimes i try to stay on the edge of sleep(when my minds eye really takes over but i still have decent control) and i feel like i have the best connection the only problem is now im having a hard time forcing out side of it

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