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[Forcing] Zero's Narration & Mindvoice Tips & Tricks Handbook
Helpful tips and examples worded in a guide-ish manner, I'd approve this. Also overly dramatic examples of someone else's stupidity are always allowed, that's life.
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A compilation of some fun tips and new potentially helpful exercises. I think most of this is okay, although LinkZelda hit on the points I was going to make, specifically about professionalism. Just a little bit of editing to those things and I will approve this.
WTB: Rare Tulpas

While that does happen, it doesn't belong in a guide of any sort.
I would only approve this guide as a tip were it cleaned up of that line.
It's certainly guideworthy, approved. (guide)
GAT Commentary:

Approved for Tips and Tricks. If the author wants this in the guide section, I would approve it there as well, but I think some of the advice is too specific and may belong better in the Tips section.

Most of the tips seem useful, although I'm not a huge fan of Echo Parroting (as I've mentioned before in its own thread), but if it works for you then it's fine (my own personal experience while I experimented with a technique like that longer than a year ago gave me some annoying habits which I've had to unlearn and didn't help my tulpa too much - that said "Kickstart parroting" is fairly fine - or any parroting where you're entirely conscious of what is you parroting and what is the tulpa speaking on their own - after all, "parroting" in that case is just you willfully controlling the imagination and teaching your tulpa how to do some things and it's reasonably obvious when they're doing it on their own).
I approve. these are solid tips and I hope to see more in the future.
7/12 GAT Members have approved of this for Guides Submission and one above me seems to be for Tips & Tricks. So I'm presuming Averian may change their vote if the majority has agreed for this to be a guide submission (which would total to 8 for guides section). Please correct me if I'm wrong in my tally of approved votes GAT members.

And most have an "approval on standby" (including me), if some of the suggestions for re-evaluation can be considered and edited. Not everything has to be edited out of course, it just seems the only suggestions that may be more likely to be implemented are to edit the parts that doesn't seem professional.

OP hasn't made an edit yet, and if he hasn't done so by the end of the deadline (12-23-2013), it will be shifted back to the un-stickied section of guide submissions. When OP makes an update on the guide submission, it will be shifted accordingly ASAP either by the GAT Manager (waffles) or the vice-manager (Linkzelda).
Extremely helpful, informative, and very well-written. I even have used many of these techniques in the past. In particular, the noise forcing, shower counts, and just about everything in the beginner's section actually. Approved for tips and tricks.
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Four and four for guides and tips, because I'll change my vote given the title of the thread. I guess I'll keep this up here pending a few of us to clarify on where this should go.
I'd be fine with this being shifted to tips and tricks.
The THE SUBCONCIOUS ochinchin occultists frt.sys (except Roswell because he doesn't want to be a part of it)

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