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Freaking out !
So I've barely been able to connect to my tulpa for 2 days now. At some points throughout the day I can, but not a lot and was wondering if I'm doing something wrong? I haven't been forcing just passively narrating and he isn't able to talk back to me yet

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Your own worry can have a huge effect on this. You need to relax, realize that your tulpa is young and needs time to develop.
Between yesterday and today, I see you created four threads.
My advice is to chill. You don't gave much experience and asking questions is a normal thing to do, but don't be overly paranoid about everything.
A tulpa takes a lot of time. Do what feels natural and maybe if you don't notice progress two our three months from now, you're doing something wrong. But don't freak out on the smallest thing.
All you need is to love your tulpa, to interact with him/her and things will get better.
I would advice doing some active forcing to see if it changes anything, things may come easier and faster that way, but it's all up to you.
Also refrain yourself from posting such similar questions on so many different threads. Just ask them on your previous threads, particularly if you created them less than five hours ago.
^^^^ spamming the boards is not a way to get your questions answered. Tulpas take time. Weeks, months sometimes years it all depends on the person. And if your tulpa is attuned enough she may feel your panic and back off which could cause more problems. Relax. Give it time. Lots of time. Be patient. Remember you are creating a person from nothing.
tuppers also tend to go a bit inactive before they have a breakthrough also. Sometimes I can lose contact with Bud for close to a week before he comes back, stronger than ever.

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