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From a Tulpa
Chief has let me post today in an exercise to maintain freedom and stay properly forced. It's a rather stupid exercise, but I have a question that's been burning for a while. this is a site that someone on his strange little facebook inked him to, and it's both confusing and enticing at best. I want to know more, and he gave me the time to speak.

So if anyone knows, I'm no cryptographer and mysteries fly over me. Help me out and whatever, I guess.

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Seeing how this isn't tulpa related, I'm moving it to the Lounge.

Crypto puzzles are neat. Are you sure there's a hidden message though? Have you considered the possibility that it's just gibberish?
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Well, there's that. But it's more fun to pretend this is important.
Yay! Chance to type for no apparent "forcing" activity! That link made no sense anyway.
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