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[Game] Break-a-wish
Are we still doing Jean-Luc wish-breaks?

I guess I'm late to the party.

It's early in the morning. The very cusp of a blood orange sun pours wafer thin layers of rose gold over everything before it, washing along grass, trees, buildings, concrete. Everything glows like a furnace came to life, spewing flames along the walls and the sky until urban dawn overtook nautical and the clouds became utterly pearlescent.

There are very few sounds, most of which are natural collections of insects and beasts that rise with the sun, including one stoic rooster. Every step tramples emerald lawn beneath him, talons bathed in dew like Mother Nature paying dues to him- they were washed as Jesus was, pristine and with waters no beast or insect had infected with the sheer essence of existence -they were drops that only his lonely sigil drove him to cross and carry with him, both blessings in honor and burdens in dignity. He never considered himself one to deserve the decadence his journey took him on, never one to need it. Ascetics had to be as he was, because it was a rough path to travel- luxuries meant complacency. These thoughts ran through his mind in blinks faster than other beasts could record, and to them he was brainless and impulsively responsive; those who can't find what they are looking for are almost always the ones to dismiss it as never being there at all. An ascetic like him waited with saintly patience, for however long it took.

This was the purpose of his journey, to wait. Or rather, his journey was to deny waiting, to stave off his duties forever- the day he decided to do so was fuzzy, and the meaning was lost to the ages. He could still just barely remember what had gone on. The morning the farmer that fed him died, he had woke up, and would be the only one to do so this early. His crow dried up in his throat, and the ensuing thirst was one he could never slake. Meeting the sun to accept this day meant resignation to the futility of life, the ephemerally vivacious nature of every beast slipping away from the vessels they inhabited and floating to some æther unseen by those still alive, either for protection or spite. He couldn't face that sun, his throat already dry and straining, lest the rest of his being followed suit with his own existence cut short, his mortal ties shorn. With a sudden heartfelt understanding for the deceased, he vowed to live and take the farmer under his wing, as metaphorically as he could. His life would not be in vain. The rooster tottered away, heart set on traveling the roads the farmer never would again.

As he walked, he discovered. The farther from the sun he was, the more delicious waters were. They surged within him, charged with some manna from heaven that that terrible luminous orb drained away- it had become a herald of death, along with its lifebringer role. The worms he plucked were plumper, the grass cooler and the air so, so much sweeter... The farther from the sun he was, the closer to paradise he was. Had this been why the farmer died in the morning? Was he, too, afraid of the sun, and was this what spurred him to never leave this Eden prairie that night became for all things? The cycle of life continued, but with more savagery and raw, unrefined beauty than ever. The rooster oversaw most things, never seeking anything already behind him; things that existed behind him existed in the summer sunlight, and those things ceased existing the way he wanted them to be.

The rooster never tired. He attributed that to the sun, draining both the paradise and himself of things it found unnatural. In the navy velvet of nautical dawn, things were still a part of that savage beauty and occurred without the heavy, brilliant eye of Father Time staring them down, weeding out the inconsistencies like the farmer that now existed only as memories tucked into the darkest tuft of plumage under the rooster's wing; he would never let the sun take this from him. As long as he walked far enough, he could leave the sun behind, and then the farmer could live again under the veil of night, dancing through groves and plucking fruit he himself had never grown- the night made an honest beast a rogue, and that was just how it was supposed to be, to the rooster. The night made things free, shading the chains that bound them to existence and letting them dance free until the sun, burning forever before and five 'ever since then's after, reforged new links in the heat and hammered the chain anew. The rooster had lost his chain long ago, and his stroll through the midnight had given him power beyond what beast should hold. His comb held dew, his feathers shone in colors the sun would never allow, for fear of the hue turning beasts greedy for the way it glimmered in the gold of a morning- the night was glorious and held no restrictions. Things here are vivid and lush, and the world loves it this way.

Ah, but reminiscing was nothing more than accepting defeat. The rooster walked on in this concrete labyrinth, losing his bearings and his goal all at once. The sun has overtaken him, and the exhaustion his exodus incurred was recorded, with interest. The sun never forgets a debt, no matter how many times it turns.

The dew the rooster drank, however, brought his crow back after many a day in the dark. That much, the sun would let him keep, if only to remind him that someday, he would have to cry out the farmer's death to wake the farm.

I wish I had more money for the PS4.

Lolflash - click it, you know you want to

Granted. You become a very talented writer, producing series upon series of popular novels. You gain millions. You decide that simply buying a PS4 isn't enough. You invest huge sums into Sony in hopes they go beyond. The day you finally enter Gamestop, Best Buy, or a retailer that sells consoles, you walk up to the PS4, pick it up and stare at it. Due to the reflective sheet on it, you see something behind you. It's some sort of rectangular prism, with glowing lights inside of it. Wait... does that thing get better FPS than your Ps4? IMPOSSIBLE! AND a better resolution?!?!? What IS that thing.

That my friend, is a PC. Welcome to the master race.

I wish the Last Of Us was on PC (The ONLY benefit of a playstation)
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(08-28-2015, 08:53 AM)Redline Wrote: Are we still doing Jean-Luc wish-breaks?
Did I start a fad? Not that I'm complaining.
Quote:I guess I'm late to the party.

It's early in the morning. The very cusp of a blood orange sun pours wafer thin layers of rose gold over
cry out the farmer's death to wake the farm.
What? Did you grant a wish? I guess you're telling him so yes... but did you break it? Is it just the horrible knowledge that the rooster doesn't want the day to come because of the farmer's death?
Quote:I wish I had more money for the PS4.

Granted, you have more money (but still not enough) for the PS4.

Ninja'd before I even finished composing. I'll have you know I spent a full 10 minutes trying to think of something for that. My best idea was something along the lines of you *have* to buy the ps4 via sudden unresistable urge but the price keeps rising and you eventually sell everything you have but the price keeps rising to just above. My other idea was that the PS4 turns evil and eats you.

Maybe it's good I got ninja'd

Brassow Wrote:I wish the Last Of Us was on PC (The ONLY benefit of a playstation)
Granted, but it's a really bad port that runs at 10fps at the best of times.
(I got nothin)

I wish that I was really good at playing Trackmania.
Granted. But you always crash cars in real life. At least you're the number one player in the world for Trackmania...

I wish I could move through time at will and to when I pleased.
"Try to get a better understanding of things before making your judgement." -Khan, Metro 2033
(08-28-2015, 03:28 PM)Brassow Wrote: I wish the Last Of Us was on PC (The ONLY benefit of a playstation)

Whoa, careful there. Metal Gear Solid 4 is also a Playstation exclusive. It's old, but it's still a good game.

Oh, and before I forget: Fuck you, Konami.

(08-28-2015, 04:43 PM)Brassow Wrote: I wish I could move through time at will and to when I pleased.

Granted. You travel ten years into the future only to find that technology hasn't advanced as far as you thought it would. Disappointed by the lack of spaceships and holograms, you decide to travel to the past instead in an attempt to save the dinosaurs from extinction. Against all odds, you somehow manage to succeed. However, upon returning to the present day, you find that the human race no longer exists; or rather, it had never existed to begin with. Due to the fact that dinosaurs never went extinct, there was no room for a new dominant species. You start to feel weird. Not just "weird" as in the realization that everyone you ever knew, ever saw, etc. had ceased to exist, but also physically weird. You suddenly realize that since no human has ever existed, you shouldn't exist, either. But as you lose feeling in your body as it slowly disappears, you realize something else: If you never existed, then you could never have gone back in time. As soon as you finally disappear, a paradox is created. The universe ceases to function properly, and everything is sucked into a black hole we once called Earth. Or will call. Or still call. Past, present, and future tense don't really matter when time stops working. The point is, you broke everything. Or will break. Or are breaking. You know what, fuck it, I'm done.

I wish I could finish playing Metal Gear Solid 4 before Metal Gear Solid 5 comes out. In other words, I want to play it from the beginning and reach the end within the next three days.
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Tulpa Name: Ellie
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Granted. You don't eat, sleep, bathroom break, or even blink for the next three days as you complete MGS4 in one sitting. You collapse shortly after the credit sequence and are rushed to a hospital. You spend the next few weeks in a state of unconsciousness, dreaming of replaying MGS4. When you wake up you discover that MGS5 was released at the exact moment you finished MGS4.

I wish I couldn't feel && display strong emotions.
brb college
Granted. You turn into a potato because they have no emotions.

I wish ARK: Survival Evolved gave me 60 frames per second
"Try to get a better understanding of things before making your judgement." -Khan, Metro 2033
Granted. While playing the game, 60 picture frames shoot out from your monitor in random directions every second. It takes about 1.5 seconds before the 90th frame takes your head off. But hey, the game gave you 60 frames per second.

I wish I wouldn't be so tired when I wake up.
"Don't listen to friends when the friend inside you says 'Do this.'" -Gandhi

Tulpa Name: Ellie
Created: 11/13/13
Granted. You feel awake all the time and you never feel tired. You stay up all the time and eventually die from staying up way too long.

I wish life didn't suck.
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My Three Mind Horses
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Warning: I am a huge nerd.
Granted. You are a rooster.
Have fun running from your problems.

I wish I could summon a keyblade on command.

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