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[Game] Break-a-wish
Granted, everyone understands people exactly as they meant things. Languages become irrelevant, and everyone speakings by simply repeating "ta" over and over. There is no longer any suddlety to anything. 75% of poiliticians are replaced as their true feelings about what they say is revealed. Communication becomes a little easier for the human race. With new politicians, the world over starts changing. A job application is as simple as telling the interviewer what you can do. Relationships of all kinds become much easier. Then, one strange day, dogs of many breeds start making the "ta" sounds. Quickly they learn of human rights, and soon enough there are dog protests. Dogs want the right to vote. 5 years later the first dog senator is elected. Sex between humans and dogs is considered fringe, but the presence of which is not denied. Dogs can marry, both other dogs and humans.

And then, uh, a meteor drops down and kills everyone cause the dog president didn't think looking at the sky was important enough to fund.

I wish I could write "jean-luc-level" wish breaks.

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Granted. You already do no matter what... So I can't really break it.

I wish he had a more creative wish.
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Granted, but you cannot figure out how to break it still. This leads you to a spiral of depression and insanity until you end up shouting at schoolchildren from under a bridge.

I wish I knew of Jean-luc's famous wish breaks.
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Go back a few pages. Or, if you're too lazy:
Here and here but they're not actually that good...
*warning: extreme narcisism and misspellings ahead*
No like really, if you read this I can't be judged for being extremely egotistical. No judging, okay?

Knowing of my true awesomeness in the arena of wish breaking, your mind slowly starts tearing itself apart. You stare at the writing and are absorbed by it. Your brain cannot comprehend how any human being could possibly create such magnifisence. You come to the only possible conclusion: Jean-luc is god. Attempting to attain jean-luc-level is attempting godliness. You immediately bow down to your true leader: Jean-luc Picard. You get an electronic picture frame to house the ever-changing avatar. You send him a PM: "My lord, please bless me with fame and riches. I am ever faithful too you." I think you're joking and reply "well than come to seattle and bow down to me in person". Little do I know that mere hours after recieving that message you've bought a plane ticket on a loan that you can't pay and are flying to seattle. You message me again asking where to meet. It takes a few PMs before I beleive that you're actually in seattle, including some very specific pictures. Finally we agree to meet, I take the bus over, we have a coffee together, and I tell you that I can only break, not grant wishes. You fall off your chair onto your knees, scrunch your coffee cup, and scream


You earn a few sidewards glances from passerby but noone lifts a finger. I'm feeling generous and so don't break your wish, but your ticket was one-way because it was cheaper. You become one of the homeless people on the streets of seattle, and die of starvation.

I wish I had a program that could auto-generate good music that I liked, with tunable parameters for bpm, lyrics yes/no, genre & sub-genre, mood, etc.
Granted. But in doing so, pandora takes it as a challenge and does everything within their power to ruin your life. They hack traffic lights, making you wait for half an hour at every light, hires people to stalk you like a paparazzi to get embarrassing pictures of you. Eventually they manage to get a keylogger onto your computer. Looking though massive walls of text, they discover you frequent a forum site called They spew this information instead of any advertisements, so the idea of tulpamancy starts to become mainstream. Good job Jean. In having pandora ruin your social life you made this site popular.

I wish I had another bag of Doritos
"Try to get a better understanding of things before making your judgement." -Khan, Metro 2033
Granted. They are impossible to eat unless you grind them up and put them inside Mountain Dew, which, in case you didn't know, is gross.

I wish the internet had more dank memes.
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Granted. I tip my fedora, drink my mountain dewrito blend and pass you some dank memes. Because if you don't remember, that's how I make my living. But they're illegal still so you get arrested.

I wish for infinite playdoh
"Try to get a better understanding of things before making your judgement." -Khan, Metro 2033
Granted. It's all rock hard and you can't do anything with it.

I wish for butter.
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Granted. It's frozen solid and you have no way to defrost it, so you can't do anything with it.

I wish my phone had infinite battery power.
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Granted, but your phone is frozen and you have no idea how to fix it, so you can't do anything with it.

I wish I could sleep well anywhere.

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