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[Game] Go through the alphabet before someone posts a pony picture
Know this. It was no Fire Nation. It was M. Bison.

He stood over the broken bodies of my parents, reached down, and took the bottle of Coke from my father's hand. My father had held it through the entire fight, and it still dripped with cold condensation. I expected it to explode all over Bison as he unscrewed the top, but somehow it didn't.

He took a swig, then poured the rest of the bottle out on my mother's face.

For one horrible instant, our eyes met. Then he turned away.

"Twist the cap to refreshment." he said, and tossed the bottle over his shoulder. It arced gracefully through the air, and shattered into a million pieces as it hit the floor in front of me.

For these past twenty years, I've trained night and day for the next time that I come face to face with him. I will turn to him and I will say "Hello. My name is Sophie. You killed my parents. Shoryuken, bitch!"

But since that day, Coke has always tasted like tragedy and bitter defeat.

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