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[Game] Go through the alphabet before someone posts a pony picture
(02-22-2019, 07:50 AM)evgenirus Wrote: I've started recently, February 12th is her birthday. I think, believe, that she's starting to act on her own already, but even if it's just me projecting my ideas and actions onto her for now, it's still fun. I think I spend over an hour a day on average on active forcing, mostly just talking (or writing) to her, or re-reading one of my favorite books to her. Plus I imagine her riding on my back whenever I go anywhere, sitting next to me at uni, et cetera, and try to talk to her whenever I think of anything to talk about.

In any case, we'd get there eventually. And you two will, too. This stuff takes time and patience. Less patience if you make it fun, less time if you believe in yourself and your tulpa and spend more time with her. But in any case, you will get there eventually. Even if the initial process takes months or over a year, which happens from time to time, that's really not much in the grand scheme of things, she'll be with you for the rest of your life. In any case, everyone progresses at their own pace, so measuring your "efficiency" by other's results isn't wise. And counting your hours spent forcing isn't really going to help you, either.

Making a tulpa and living with her is a journey, you cannot know where it would lead you and when, so don't worry too much about whatever destination you think you are heading towards right now. Just enjoy the scenery on your way and the company of your tulpa and other people who travel the same path.

Ok, man. You give so much inspiration, so much energy to keep going. Thank you Smile

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