gave up on creating a tulpa, but now i would like to continue
Well hello, a couple of weeks ago, i decided to start creating a tulpa for the first time. After a couple of days, i started to get bored of forcing and talking to my tulpa and i slowly started to think less and less about it, but now i regret it and i want to continue.
can i continue with the same tulpa i had before, or do i have to start all over with a new one?
any things i should take into consideration?

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It definitely is possible (and probably recommended tbh) to continue with the same tulpa you've started. Although spending time with them is very important early on, they're not going to outright disappear from that lack of attention. That said, make sure you understand that your tulpa is a sentient person (or will be) and treat him/her accordingly.
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Think of it as a save point, if you want to continue with the tulpa you started on then you just form the tulpa into your desired "form" but if you want to continue in a different direction with your tulpa then just go ahead and form the tulpa in that direction. Now it is possible that you'll experience a little different of a personality but I would recommend you go ahead with the tulpa you started at that time.
the more developed an early-on tulpa is, the less they'll fade from your mind over time and so you can easily just pick back up with tulpamancy by saying "Hi!", and depending on how long it's been they could be a little harder to hear (or a lot, but temporarily!) or see (might depend on your visualization ability that can also fade over time if it's not natural to you). but the mind's all a mental muscle that gets strong with use and weaker with disuse, so you can always make these muscles strong again by using them more. less developed tulpas (ones that never reached vocality) might be harder to recall so you should still have some progress in tulpamancy from them but they might change a little as you bring them back (just because you don't remember details though.. so nothing you'll notice) or you might be effectively making a tulpa all over again. don't worry about "tulpas" who never showed signs of sentience though, if you wanted to start over with another form/personality you can

and if the tup was well-developed and vocal and all that, it gets basically impossible to forget them! they can be a little blurry like I said if inactive for a long time but it's really hard to forget a person you knew so well. like in our system the other three are 8 years old and I'm about 3 and it's IMPOSSIBLE any of us would ever totally dissipate, we've got so much experience bein' people at the very worst our voices just get a little muffled if we went like a month+ without talking/being active. but even if it was years (jeez it would NEVER be!) we could still come back just fine, only takes a day or two to get clear vocality and visualization again at absolutely worst. since we don't go that long without interacting it's never worse than a single conversation before we're easy to hear again, though
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