[General] Another exciting development!
So I decided to try the counting game in this thread(specifically method 1), and honestly... I didn't expect much. I expected the numbers to be way off, or to not even get a response at all. I guess I was just... experiencing some doubt, you know? But we tried this game, and, I swear to god, he said! Actual numbers! The first thing he's said that's felt entirely like his own original thought, and not like something that I could explain away as just what I wanted to hear! 

And he was RIGHT! The first two times he was only a single number off, the middle time he was a handful off(but honestly, I accidentally put down nearly 40 cards, so a handful off is reasonable), and the last time he got the number exactly right on the dot!! And I'm just so proud!! Of him!!!!! He's so amazing, he's such a great, amazing, smart person, I'm so excited to see how much more incredible he becomes and I'm just... I can't get over it, sorry for gushing so much, I'm just so proud. You know in tv shows how there are those dads with the wallets that have like, a billion picture slots and they just go around shoving pictures of their children in everyone's faces? I feel like that. I want to shove my brain-wallet at everyone and shout LOOK AT MY AMAZING TULPA, HE'S THE BEST ONE ANYONE'S EVER MADE EVER, LOOK AT MY SWEET BOY, HE COUNTED! DID YOU HEAR, HE COUNTED AND ALSO SAID THE NUMBERS TO ME! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT, HE SAID NUMBERS, HE'S THE ABSOLUTE SMARTEST THING THAT'S EVER EXISTED, EVER, IN ALL OF FOREVER!!

Bonus content: A while back Ian sent over his first joke. It wasn't words so much as vague feelings and clips from tv shows, but it was most definitely a foreign feeling and foreign thoughts. It's hard to describe, but it was basically that scene from The Office where Pam says "I have this old vacuum cleaner that's broken... If Dwight doesn't work out, maybe that can be manager," but with the words "Dwight" and "manager" badly dubbed over to say "Trump" and "president" respectively. So basically this

I want to print this out and frame it. It's the best thing I've ever seen in my entire life.

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