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[General] Creating two tulpas at once.
I've started working on the framework for visualizing and p-forcing (personality forcing) my newest tulpa, her name is Willow! 
I've also occasionally had thoughts about my first tulpa whose name is Haiti, although I haven't worked on him too much in regard to p-forcing or visualization.

How much mental concentration does it take to work on two tulpas simultaneously? It's interested to hear both of their voices inside of my head (as of now Haiti seems to be responding semi-independently, while Willow still seems to need me to guide her on how to talk and create responses.) It's only been maybe a week or two since I created Haiti, so I don't really have a visualized form for him. For Willow I think visualization will be easier because I've decided on her to be depicted as a floating ball of blue flames with light emanating from the center, similar to the will o the wisp mythology (hence her name, willow, lmao). 

I've kind of given a general goal for Haiti, as too what I want from him. From both of them I've adamantly stated that I value their friendship foremost, and that I want them to come to admire me for who I am, and I for who they are; I don't want them to be forced to like/love me. 

Anyways back to the point. If anyone has had experience creating multiple tulpas at once, I'm interested to hear your experiences. Please and thank you!


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You should reconsider working on two tulpas at once.

Tulpas take a lot of time, effort, and love. It'll take a while for a tulpa to grow and develop their own identity, and find their own place in your life. Working on two at once will only make things more difficult for you, and inhibit each of their growth. Rather than just paying attention to one and helping them grow, you'll be trying to split your attention to both of them, which isn't exactly easy, especially not to someone brand-new to tulpamancy.

Make things easier on yourself and your tulpa, and put the other one aside from now. I recommend waiting six months to a year of you giving all your attention to one tulpa before considering creating another. The idea of having two mind sound nice, but it is very difficult and causes issues that you don't need to put yourself and your tulpa through.

Let the one develop and grow, give them all your love and attention, and be patient with the process. Learn their needs and how you must provide for them as host. Eventually, you may be ready for a second one (which is something you should consider very carefully). But it isn't recommended to make two at once, even if it sounds appealing to someone inexperienced with such a thing. Wait for the first to be fully developed before making another.
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making two tulpas at once isn't like physically or mentally "harder" than making just one, it just requires like literally double the time
like your visualization ability will be shared I guess.. but you'll need to spend double the time with them overall

our system started out with 3 tulpas and now has 4, and that's been fine (and you get real attached to people once they exist) but honestly we probably spend a loootttt of time considering who should be active or talked to or etc. compared to a system with just one tulpa, or maybe even 2. so like, if you've got the time and the dedication, go ahead and make 2, if you're sure that's what you want. but definitely consider that seriously now before actually making them because even if it turns out to be too much you won't be able to undo that decision (and you won't really want to) later
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I appreciate both of the responses.

I can definitely understand how it could be stressful on me who is new to Tulpas, and how it could effect the creation process.
I think whats best for me is to set one of them aside and only work on them occasionally, but to give most of my time and attention to one as Piano said.

And you're definitely right Lucilyn, I have no intentions to 'get rid' of either of them, and I would feel extreme guilt if I tried to do so.

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