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[General] Daniel's Starter Guide to Creating a Tulpa
Three approvals (Sands, waffles, and Linkzelda)

One approval implied since the title changed to something related to content (Averian)

One disapproval, though I figure that might change since it was made based on the implications behind the title. (GGMethos)

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Blank vote or approved, if that's really what the majority ends up having voted.

It's a more concise write-up of Fede's method, with a few small additions and very slightly different belief system (compared to Fede's).

A good deal of things I've mentioned for Fede's guide also apply here.

As with Fede's guide, I'm a bit skeptical about skipping the part where you differentiate the origins of the actions (tulpa or yourself) at an unconscious level, that is, learning to perceive actions/thoughts not made by yourself.

While I do believe someone could end up with an independent tulpa following this guide (same as with Fede's), it's a murkier method than one which places independence as the foremost goal. Even JD1215's method which is parroting based still makes an important point about actually stopping and perceiving the tulpa do their own thing. This part is likely one of the trickiest things about making a tulpa, and I'm not sure why would you want to hide from it or hope that one day it just won't matter (and yes, it can be like that for some).

> That means the tulpa you create is only genuine if you believe it to be.

I'm not entirely sure I truly agree with this statement. It makes it seem to me like someone could just "believe" themselves to have a genuine tulpa and poof you get that instagenuinetulpa.

What I think actually happens in the case of genuine tulpas is that the tulpa ends up, sometimes slowly, sometimes faster, convincing the creator of their sentience and independence.

Sometimes, it even happens unintentionally, for example one can hear of people who one day found out they couldn't control their imaginary friends or that they had a mind of their own, had their own agency, memories, seeming autonomy and so on - sometimes there would even be stronger evidence (ex. possession or switching).

Some imaginary friends, roleplay/book characters, ... end up as tulpas, but that's not the same as saying that all of them are tulpas.

One day I was chatting with someone about the nature of a 'genuine' tulpa and we ended up finding a few things that rang true for both of us(paraphrased):
"It's when you truly doubt it, and it still works"
"It feels like you're talking to someone alive"
"Talking to my tulpa pretty much perfectly emulates talking to someone else".

Essentially when the tulpa is autonomous, your disbelief won't make it less genuine than you could make someone else's consciousness less genuine if you stop believing in it (that said, a strong disbelief may make communication iffier/worse).
It seems to be mixing philosophies a bit, so I'm going to vote or disapproved as of now.
Three approvals (Sands, waffles, and Linkzelda)

One approval implied since the title changed to something related to content (Averian)

Two disapproval (GGMethos & Schlondark)

Two blank votes (NotAnonymous & Mayormorgan)
This will remain in the sticky threads for updates on voting from GAT members. Most likely, it may be approved seeing how there's two blank votes, and two disapproval that were mostly based on the initial title of the guide.
Counting CyberD as a blank vote we get 4/6, which is approved.
CyberD, you can tag this with whatever you feel appropriate. Best remove the redundant one from the title.
Right, tag is sorted. Due to the lack of a [Creation] tag I figure [General] will do as it's what was used for other "general" creation guides.

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