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[General] Differing memories?
Okay, so I tried looking and couldn’t find a thread on this in particular. Whether I’m nuts or not.

How possible is it for an unintentional tulpa/walk-in/whatever the hell to have memories that have been influenced by outside material?

To clarify, I’m fictionkin, and Gareth has so-called memories that line up with events that happened in my source material, despite not being in-game himself. He turned up over a year ago, and between him and me we have some established ‘background’ and he often has insight into characters and the inner workings of one of the factions.

So I was wondering if my own identity could have had an influence on any of it. It’d explain why he’s so close to me and it feels odd not having him around, yet he’s his own separate person, and doesn’t feel like an external influence that was the state when I had a soulbond hanging around,

I can’t explain it right, I know... But I don’t think I had any conscious input.

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It'd be hard for anyone outside of all of this to really answer, but I can guess that maybe he's drawing off of your own thoughts and memories. Young tulpas often have to live off of the host's consciousness, memories, etc for a while before becoming more independent. Could be something similar happening here. He could still be attached and dependent. But like I said, hard to say! Might take some talking between the two of you to come up with a solid answer.
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Thanks for the answer, it’s just not easy to figure out and put into words. Or maybe it’s just my mind wanting to put everything into boxes.
What do you mean how possible is it? Very? It's just imagination-creation based, however you look at it. No sorts of rules govern these things, so anything you can imagine can be the case in your own mind. My tulpa Tewi, despite not at all believing she existed before she spontaneously appeared as a tulpa in my mind, still feels like she has memories and/or a relation to the Touhou character she was based on and her perceived lore. Nothing "possible" about it, that's just.. how it is.

It's like asking how it's possible a character in one of your books could suddenly be aware of a character from another of your books. Because you decided consciously or not that they were? Unless you've got some metaphysical beliefs, it really isn't more complicated than that.
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That reply helps, I have a tendency to overthink until I’m running in circles.

I would imagine that he came from my own memories of that life, since some do point in his direction and just a strong gut feeling, heh... But that’s all I have from my end, memories. Nothing intentional, nothing mentioned in source material.

It’s just interesting.

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