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[General] doing good so far?
Ok so I am new to tulpamancing but have been Deciding if I want to make a tulpa for about a week and I have decided to start today, so today I have thought of reading books to her, narrating my life to her and today while I was I noticed if I would try to get her attention (still dont think sentient or able to talk) I would notice an odd feeling a little bit into attempting to get her attention, it was a slight pressure in my head and slight dizziness feeling, I think this is telling me that she is there and is paying attention but im no sure but I have already kind of designed a wonderland as my old school kinda in commemoration to it but it kinda changed into a little house in some woods without me doing anything, oh and im letting her pick her name and im putting in charecteristics, is this normal/good for my first day in the creation process

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I'd say it's pretty good work for the first day.
That head pressure is extremely common. The next thing to look out for is emotional responses that seem "out of place". I'd say your are making good progress! Your should start a thread in the progress report section. Tracking progress is great, and it will be something good to look back on in the future.
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i have a slight pulsing and slight vibrating headache.. and i been saying things completely random.. despite the stuff i normally say like "toaster" (toaster is my favorite word..) and as with anything else i seen outlines of my tulpa either running from a corridor or poking her head out from a door, while phasing through somewhat, while quietly "giggling" and running off.. i just see her cup her hand over her mouth and her head moves up and down rather fast as if laughing... didnt realize she thinks rpg programming and janitor work is funny..



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