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[General] doing good so far?
Ok so I am new to tulpamancing but have been Deciding if I want to make a tulpa for about a week and I have decided to start today, so today I have thought of reading books to her, narrating my life to her and today while I was I noticed if I would try to get her attention (still dont think sentient or able to talk) I would notice an odd feeling a little bit into attempting to get her attention, it was a slight pressure in my head and slight dizziness feeling, I think this is telling me that she is there and is paying attention but im no sure but I have already kind of designed a wonderland as my old school kinda in commemoration to it but it kinda changed into a little house in some woods without me doing anything, oh and im letting her pick her name and im putting in charecteristics, is this normal/good for my first day in the creation process

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