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[General] Fede's Ultimate Superior Tulpa Guide
Quote:3) Pissed off tulpa, no growth period/no early memories

Basically this, speaking from experience. I didn't even approach the levels of parrot that I'm getting the impression of from this 'guide', and my tulpae can't remember a lot of early shit from times when I thought they were sentient.
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After reading this thread I would actually rate it an 8 out of yes.
(07-12-2012, 05:54 PM)Guest Wrote: It might work, if you let off parroting after a while, but I don't think this guide is kind to tulpae in any way, and given that it's not been tested by anyone, not even its creator, it's hard to say what issues would come about by using it.

Let me make 2 far-fetched guesses at possible bad side-effects:
1) Inability to tell apart your own parroting from the tulpa, or rather uninteresting tulpa
2) DID, median-like, if you begin identifying too much with the tulpa.
3) Pissed off tulpa, no growth period/no early memories

Let's see Fede try it and watch him report results back.
Greetings, Rofl.

>not kind to tuppers in any way
It's not kind to the tuppers who have hosts diagnosed with APS, yes.
>inability to tell tupper apart from own parroting
Your tupper's very existence is formed from the parroting. Of course there's going to be a gray zone for a while, but it won't last forever, and who gives a shit, anyway? It's only an issue if you make it an issue.
Nah. If this was to become an issue, then the guy who did get a case of DID using my method simply parroted the wrong shit.
>pissed off tulpa
Again, APS.
>no growth period
Why are growth periods even necessary? I say fuck growth periods. Your tupper could do so many things if you just let it.
>no early memories
Only if you're hiding said memories from your tupper. In that case, fuck you.

(07-12-2012, 04:49 PM)ThatOneGuy Wrote: Huh. I was expecting more than this, to be honest, seeing as how you took so long making it.
This is not the guide that I was working on for so long. I revised my method and wrote this thing from scratch. The original one was becoming way too long for its own good, anyway.

(07-12-2012, 04:57 PM)Fourfiction Wrote: Copypasta'd. Even with the grammatical errows.
(07-12-2012, 05:07 PM)ShyGuy65 Wrote: One would expect less grammatical errors with the time you spent editing it, too.
Grammatical errors? Where? Please point them out for me instead of pulling that shit out of your asses (in ShyGuy's case, coins out of her vagina).
doesn't fede have a completed tulpa as the result of his method?

but i agree with no constant parroting, that shits just stupid. Let your tulpa talk.
(07-12-2012, 08:25 PM)Fede-lasse Wrote: Grammatical errors? Where? Please point them out for me instead of pulling that shit out of your asses

(07-12-2012, 04:43 PM)Fede-lasse Wrote: Introduction

I figured since I already wrote most of this shit on mlpforums, why not just make a guide thread here, [MISPLACED COMMA] anyway? So here you have it. MY FUCKING GUIDE.

Oh, and a warning: if you have Anti-Parroting Syndrome, like Avalanche, for instance, then it's not recommended to read any of the text below.


Before we even begin this shit, let's divide the whole process into two steps: preperation and forcing. Preperation is a five-minute walk in the park about how you want your best friend(s)/waifu(s) for life to be. Don't make whole lists, traits, or shit like that about your tupper. Just have a general idea (or a good idea) of what you want it to be like. It's quite simple, though it may take a lot more time for some people than others. When you got that down, you can move on to the forcing, which is what you'll be doing for the remainder of the time.


At every wake [*WAKING] minute, or at least as constant [*CONSTANTLY] as you can manage, imagine that your tupper is near you in the real life. Do not use a wonderland; you're imposing it [THE TULPA (PRONOUN DOES NOT REFER TO DIRECT OBECT)] on your peripheral (open-eyed) vision right from the beginning. Imagine it behind you, in front of you, or wherever you think it would like to be, based on its personality and intended behavior. It's okay to imagine how it would animate when doing a certain action or expression, too. You're visualizing, which is productive in itself.

A tip for imagining things upon your peripheral vision is to intentionally defocus your eyes, stare blankly into the air, and then imagine your tupper on-front. Be vague and don't think too much about its details, but rather the whole embodiment; details will come by themselves over time. Something you can occasionally do is imagine that it's right behind you, then turn around. Again, make damn sure to not focus on anything once you do turn around.

Parrot your tupper, too. Have conversations that you both respond back and forth to. It's important to note that you should make it start out all conversations instead of you. That way, your brain gets used to the tupper being the one to always say something, thus speeding up the sentience process and making it easier to detect when the subconscious is taking over the task. Now, it's not so much the act of parroting itself, but rather what is parroted that matters. Make sure to consider what the tupper would think and what its opinions would be before making it say something, then carry on. Eventually, you'll start to feel that you can't tell a difference between your parroting and what the mind is parroting for you. This is okay. Just keep on going, relax on your own parroting, and let the subconscious slowly take over the task; trust your intuition.

One way to think of it is to consider it all as one, [DELETE COMMA] continuous roleplay; you each have your defined personalities (though, [DELETE COMMA] you're just yourself), and you improvise constantly, relative to how these personalities are defined, while still taking the whole situation at hand seriously, kinda like a roleplay, though probably less cheesy [RUN-ON SENTENCE]. The difference is just that you're trying to convince yourself that the tupper is "real" in the sense of it existing only to you, whereas roleplay is just temporary.

As for the other sensory training, you're either doing this alongside visuals and voice, and thus training all senses at the same time, or alternatively doing it after a few weeks if you find it easier to focus on fewer senses at a time. For feeling, you'd [YOU SHOULD] both practice feeling each other together: you lay your hands on your tupper and force yourself to imagine that you're feeling something, and vice versa when it lays its hands/hooves on you. Hold/hug/prod each other or [ENGAGE IN] other activities while constantly telling yourself that you're feeling it.

For smell, same thing: force yourself to smell a particular smell whenever the tupper's around. Placing an object with the desired smell nearby when doing this can help. Once you get smell down, things will proceed more smoothly. Since tasting technically also is a sense, you can do this if you want to, [DELETE COMMA] too [AS WELL]. The path for accomplishing this is entirely up to you, though. If you have a lewd tupper, you can always just kiss and lick each other all over the place.

That's all for now.

Corrections are noted in [BOLD CAPS] with brackets around them.

Plenty of other mistakes that I could point out. However, those are trivial and I didn't want to make you feel too bad.

EDIT: Oh wow, I didn't even think I had to check the titles for spelling! Preparation is spelled wrong.
at every wake minute
I don't know about the parroting part and skipping traits, but I like your methods for visualization and sensory training.

That's my 2 cents.
But will it blend?
Can you even hear your tulpa out-loud Fede?
>This is not the guide that I was working on for so long. I revised my method and wrote this thing from scratch. The original one was becoming way too long for its own good, anyway.
I don't think so

Your guide seems way too counterproductive I wouldn't call it a guide sorry
Such unnecessary (yet hilarious) hostility. Although the part about constant parroting seems controversial at best, I think I'll start trying to impose her in my peripheral while narrating. The only downside I can think of is that eventually I'll subconsciously impose her staring at me from my peripheral while masturbating and will feel her silent judging gaze as she sees the shit I masturbate to.

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