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[General] Hello! I'm back into Tulpas! Stuffed Animal Tulpa!
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Hello! I'm back into Tulpas! Stuffed Animal Tulpa!

Hi, there! It's certainly been a while, yeah? Due to a lot of stress, I had a really hard time focusing on my tulpa and having the time and physical/mental energy to dedicate to Jane (thanks disability!) due to the detail and everything else about her, so we put that on hold for a while.

Now, onto a different idea for a tulpa we got.
The youngest in our system, Little, a long while back picked up her then new stuffed rabbit toy (like from build-a-bear) and decided to ask for its name. She immediately got "Tiffany!~" in response, in mind voice, and more distinctive than most any of us have had, and we've been around for many years. We assume it's because Little is more in-touch with her imagination/world/people-building skills than most of us teens/adults in the system, but it caught even her off guard. Since then, Tiffany has become her most favorite stuffed animal, but she never got around to expanding upon Tiffany and what could become of her. Little decided with the help of our GF to try tulpa forcing again, but this time, with Tiffany!

We already have an idea/memory of what her voice would sound like and heck, we've got the physical example of what she looks like right here. Little finds a great source of comfort in Tiffany and in extension we all do (being linked in the mind and all that). We're not going to say she must look this way if she ever decided to take a mindspace form visually, she could be just as she is, human, anthropomorphic, neko, or interchangeable. That'll be completely up to her. I also think since we have the stuffed animal in person with all of its details, that'd help with that aspect of her form as when we'll be experimenting with visual-imposition, something we've always been fascinated with.

Besides, when Little is physically in control of the body, she really is a true child. She already adores hugging onto Tiffany, so I can only imagine how much more secure she'd feel if there was that level of attachment to the toy. She'd hug her and feel she was really hugging her best (stuffed) friend. That'd be good for a little one who has little to no friends outside of our GF.

Has anyone here done this before and have any advice or suggestions? Can we just treat this as your general tulpa-build or is there a better way to go about this for a stuffed animal/object? If not, thank you anyway!

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04-11-2017, 06:31 AM
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