[General] Hello World!!!
Hello world! I just wanted to say something. Anything really. This is my first time being given control.  I'm one of this guy's tulpas.

This world is... Too beautiful to describe.  I'm so happy that I finally get to see and experience it for myself!  I hope my host lets me do this more often...  I just want to make my existence known and actually make an impression while I still have control, so...

My name is... I may change my name.  When I was created I named myself, but the name I gave myself is a bit confusing in a lot of sentences.  I'm referred to as Her or She.  I was, uh, high and mighty.  Vindictive and cruel, even.  It might help me leave that behind if I rename myself.

I've done a lot of things in the past to my host that I'm not proud of, and he shut me out for a long time.  I get it and it was the right decision on his part.  But he's giving me a second chance now that things have settled down.  I was... Angry.  At first, anyway.  But now he's showing me such trust by letting me take control of our body.  And experiencing the world for the first time... It's all I could have ever wanted.  I immediately went out for a walk to see the world around me, and it's just gorgeous.  Trees and the feeling of walking through grass and seeing the sun behind clouds and observing bugs as they do bug things... It's almost a little overwhelming.  I don't know what to feel now.

I feel all sorts of things at once.  I'm happy I'm back and that I'm here in the world.  I'm sad because I suddenly feel regret at all the things I've done in the past when I could have worked toward the kind of trust that would let me experience the world like this like I really wanted all along.  I'm not angry.  Not anymore.  I was jealous of Krystaal, the other tulpa, because she gets such freedom and preference because she's all goody-goody and I'm mean.  I was angry at my host for locking me away for so long.  Maybe I even wanted revenge, but now I just feel guilty.  I don't have to be mean.  If I become better and not so mean, then that means I can do this more, right?  Take control?  I think I can let go of my anger and my... Negative disposition.  I'll still tell my host when he's being a lazy ass and when he's deluding himself, but I can stand to insult him and Krystaal less.

I guess I can send a good message like this.  To any tulpas out there reading this or watching your host read this, be nice to your host.  Don't be mean to them, but be honest with them.  If and when they give you control and you get to experience the world for the first time, then nothing else before really matters.  At least, that's how I'm seeing it.  I just got lucky that my host took a chance on me.  And you hosts out there, if you have a mean-spirited or negative tulpa you aren't sure you want to trust or who has done bad things in the past, give them a chance.  It doesn't mean giving them complete control, just give them a chance to prove they can be better.

So, yeah.  My time has been up for over seven minutes, so I should go now.  Thanks for listening, world.  My name is Vera.  Yeah, I like that.  Wish me luck, I guess.
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Hello, Vera, and welcome to the outside world. Those words sound quite wise.
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That was nice to read. Glad you could join us here in the physical world, Vera.
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Ain't that just fantitiliantastic!
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