[General] I don’t know what to do
My mum found my tulpa guide on my iPad last night and she seemed really worried. Then my dad came up stairs and she told him about it, a couple minutes later my dad came into my room and told me that a tulpa couldn’t be sentient because it cannot experience any thing that I do not.
1: I don’t know if this is true or not
2: he also said other thing that put tulpas down as bad things.
3: I’ve already started making a tulpa. I’m not sure if I should stop

I kind of need some reassurance, please

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lol, your dad throwing tulpa philosophical arguments at you, that's more reasonable than the typical Christian reaction at least.

Sentient might be a misleading word, they aren't independently sentient, they share your sentience. By sentient we mean they're independent and autonomous, ie not under your conscious control. You train your brain to basically be another person, and then that person can grow like any other person, using the same resources in your brain you yourself do. It's no different than writing a character for a book or something, except instead of just thinking of the character then writing about them you talk back and forth with them instead.

Tulpas can be quite useful as life companions, capable of providing other perspectives on things than you're used to (this is just kind of a fact, sorry if it doesn't seem possible, we've got hundreds of cases of it happening here), and also keeping you company when you feel alone or encouraging you by understanding where other humans might not be able to.

It's not the end of the world if you don't end up making one, but it's certainly not dangerous if you're going by Tulpa.info's guides. We make sure to point out any possibly unwanted effects or results of creating a tulpa are categorized as "invasive thoughts", which empowers you to deal with them by choosing more positive or intended results. But I dunno, if you can't convince your parents of that, I personally don't think it's that hard to make a tulpa without a guide. Once you've got the general gist, just talking to them and expecting them to respond will eventually make them vocal. The idea that you need to know all sorts of rules and stuff is wrong. It can help you feel like you know what you're doing, but plenty of people (like me) made tulpas totally on accident without any outside help.
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Ok thanks, this actually cleared up a lot of problems for me
(01-08-2018, 04:15 PM)Pn230xb1 Wrote: a tulpa couldn’t be sentient because it cannot experience any thing that I do not.

So when I feel Martina right behind me when walking down the streets, does that mean I'm actually walking in front of... myself? And if that so, then the me behind me also has another clone behind both of us? Am I leaving a neverending trail of imaginary myselves behind me and I don't even know it? I doubt it.

Likewise, I'd like to mention every time Martina has spotted something I did not, but that list would be waaaaay too long.
Step 1: Tell your dad and mom they're right, and that it was really silly of you to even consider wasting time with this nonsense.
Step 2: Make the tulpa.

What RaveCrazedDave said. The easiest option would be to tell them they are right, to put their mind at ease, rather than try to convince them that you are right. To be honest, they have a right to be concerned, with all the crazy people trying to get people to do weird stuff these days. I've ran into a number of really odd people at my college, claiming that I need to try something bogus. Your parents are probably are just worried that you're doing something that will lead you down a bad path mentally. But as we know, tulpas aren't dangerous as long as you treat them with respect.

I empathize with you as my mom is a very paranoid Christian. I'm a Christian too, but I would never tell her about tulpas, because she'd immediately claim they're "evil" and whatnot just because they are the unknown. I solve the problem by going the "she doesn't need to know" route. It's much more peaceful than trying to force the person to accept your point of view. Logic isn't always an effective tool, especially when habit and emotions are at work in the person you are trying to convince.

My advice to you is to memorize the tulpa creation process, then destroy all physical evidence that you're making a tulpa. (downloaded guides, documents, ect.) Then, I would take up forcing, and if anyone questions you, tell them you're meditating. If they have beef with that, tell them that meditation has proven to have positive effects on people, and you figured you'd give it a try. If your parents are paranoid Christians, you could tell them that you're napping or something, and simply take a more relaxed position when you force.

If you already had a plan, and merely wanted reassurance about sentience, I'll add to what others here have said. The definition of sentient is, "able to perceive or feel things". The tulpa creation process is creating a person to live in your mind that thinks for themself. Consider this, if you woke up one day in someone else's mind, would you not be sentient? Of course not, you'd just be in a different situation. We're all piloting meat suits, the tulpa is merely taking shotgun rather than the driver's seat. As covered in other guides however, you can temporarily give them the driver's seat with possession.

I wish you the best Pn230xb1. Don't be discouraged.

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