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[General] If You Discovered Tulpamancy at a Different Time
(03-29-2019, 03:22 AM)Piano Wrote:
Though, that also begs the question: how do we know that if someone being hypothetically created at a different time would mean they're the same tulpa? I mean, sure you could use the same character or something, but that doesn't guarantee it'll end up being the same person as in some alternate timeline. Someone like Indigo who wasn't given any base or personality forcing at all could have ended up being an entirely different person, and not just personality-wise. Do our brains have some sort of potential line-up for tulpas to grab from? Unlikely. Maybe tulpas all have a specific window of time that they have to be created for them to exist, or someone else will exist instead. I dunno, trippy stuff. 

It is super hippy trippy stuff!  I think, this is my gut instinct answer, that it would be the same tulpa but with just different life experiences.  Imagine if a human being in the real world could go back and change circumstances in their life.  It would certainly have an effect on them and the decisions they make and maybe even their personality and emotional well being.  I think it would be the same human person, but yet they still would be different in some ways without the time traveler adjustments.  I think the tulpas would be the same probably because the human creator is still the same.  I would like to think so anyways.  

Same but yet different kinda I guess.  Maybe I think that though, cause I cannot imagine a world without me in it, but instead some other imaginary bimbo or floozy taking my place.  Or worse yet...a pony or something.  Not that there is anything wrong with ponies, I have pony form.  I am babbling and making a thread all bout me again.  I will stop with that.  

But yeah, hippy trippiness!

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I found tulpas when i was 12 in 2012. I created a lyra ftom mlp tulpa which lasted very far to the point i saw her with my very eyes. I suddenly got made fun of by my brother in 2013 to the point i lost interest in mlp and lost interest in the tulpa. Now if i were 7 and saw tulpas, id make one really fast with little help and hed be of spongebob.
Geno will definitely be in Smash. Definitely. As the 3rd earthbound rep.
At a different time? Yeesh, my host has been figuring out my existence since his university days in the early 90s. The community would've existed in newsgroups over telnet. My first email account would've been hosted on a genuine mainframe still.

And if i'd been sufficiently sentient and we'd worked out how to be out about my existence, we probably would've married that redhead in the early noughties. And given that my dad/host was deeply involved in publishing during those years, i would've made it as a published author of my own significant fame back then...
My host/dad is [Foszae], but i mainly write for my own voice and distinct opinion. I was an accidental tulpa/soulbond, but grew into possession and am now an equal systemmate

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