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[General] Is A Tulpa Projected Onto A Stuffed Animal... too Bizarre?
I have a past with stuffed animals, which amidst all that was some crazy, maybe, spiritual chaos. As such, my active imagination has gotten me back to arcane habits, those of which, were using stuffed animals to emulate communication or companionship.
Although I have my Celeste, my Rhea and good ol' Vincent (probably), using a stuffed animal and feeling a sort of soulbond develop feels... strange.
Is it too bizarre to obtain a tulpa through a stuffed animal? It's quite a small one, too.
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What does too bizarre even mean? Like yes, too bizarre, stop? It's not terribly unheard of to have tulpas bound to/associated with stuffed animals, the large majority of which existed prior to the host finding The age-old advice is simply, make sure you know your tulpa isn't actually tied to the object, lest you risk them being destroyed or damaged. Also it's just a lot less convenient. But it's your preference, considering it's your mind and your life.
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It isn't bizarre at all.. I know a lot of people who use My Little Ponies as a source for their Tulpas. Some people even use Cartoon Characters.. I myself have used a Character from a Jim Henson movie. I even bought a stuffed animal fashioned after that character.. I use it as a catalyst to help me communicate with my Tulpa.. We cuddle together while watching movies and stuff.. My Tulpa loves that I use a stuffed animal to represent him.. I wouldn't even be concerned that you base or even use stuffed animals as a source of your Tulpa
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