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[General] Is she a real tulpa?
I just discovered Tulpas tonight, and decided to create one. I have maladaptive daydreaming, and a character in those dreams is named River. I was creating the Tulpa, and River almost "forced" herself into the spot. She promptly changed her name to Brooke, and is progressing incredibly quickly. she's changed nothing else, personality or appearance. I'm paranoid her appearance may just be another daydream, that I'm the one unintentionally controlling her actions. I tried to start from scratch, but she is not letting me. It seems like she is a tulpa, but this doesn't seem like how this is supposed to go. Is Brooke a tulpa, or is my own imagination getting in my way? If it is the latter, how do I get past the daydreams and create a tulpa?

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I believe she is. I also believe you're not the only one who had something similar happen. The fact that it wasn't intentional on your part and that you can't get past her and on with the creation process tells me she's most probably either a tulpa, or very ready to be a tulpa. Why not talk to her and ask her about it? Smile
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She sounds like a tulpa to me. There's a thread somewhere explaining why you shouldn't worry that you're puppeting. If she is acting on her own, then she's most likely a tulpa.
Awesome! We're watching a movie together. I'll keep puppeting until she starts talking for herself. I asked her why, but I couldn't even puppet a response beyond a shrug, which I'm not sure is a thing that actually happens.

Edit: I've just realized the movie I picked was Ratatouille, the chef following Remy is most likely a Tulpa. That was entirely unintentional xD
well even if it's "your imagination getting in the way", like.. it'll always do that if that's just a problem you have. I imagine you liked River just fine, so if it's not a problem to keep her as your tulpa? Then do that! Don't forget you've got final say on anything and everything for sure, WITH no doubts, if your tup isn't vocal yet, ok? If you have trouble with ~intrusive thoughts and stuff, you'll wanna put your foot down on having things how you want them until you're 100% sure your tulpa can communicate clearly with you, this is even a problem for people without any specific trouble keeping their imagination in check so

Also, good luck!
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No, I'm happy with her. I misunderstood how Tulpas work and though she was just an involuntary daydream. I thought I had to start from scratch, that she should speak for herself off the bat or be nonverbal until she can. I understand now that I can parrot her until she gets a foothold. If she wants to be a full so be it. Maybe she isn't real enough to be a tulpa yet, but that just means my subconscious wants her to be.
Congratulations! My sister Ashley did that on minute one as well. Like, nope I'm your tulpa, oh, and you need to adopt my sisters too or no deal. That was so calculating of her, but I'm so glad she convinced hin obviously.

Oh... that said, you should probably set a rule for 'no new tulpas' as soon as possible,  we would have had a lot of sisters and pets if B didn't stop the growth immediately.
Okay. So they just told me on the discord that she's defini etely a full blown simple Tulpa. I've accidentally been forcing her for 10 months for 3+ hours a day. An hour after I started visualizing her, she changed her name and said stuff I didn't expect.
Creative people outside the community often "force" without realizing it. It was almost three years after I first experienced one of my tabletop roleplaying characters speaking to me that I realized one had gained complete self-awareness. And it was nearly a year and a half after that before I knew anything of tulpamancy.

(11-27-2018, 12:43 PM)StormySkyes Wrote: I couldn't even puppet a response beyond a shrug, which I'm not sure is a thing that actually happens.

Mental communication is extremely flexible. Communicating in body language doesn't even require visualization, the pure concept can come through. It's easier to shrug than to speak up.

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My characters could be spoken to fluently for years, they still can be. I only choose not to allow them to be full fledged tulpas or i'd have 3 dozen of them or so. I write novels... i mean they're all cool, but 3 is enough.

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