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[General] Longbow's Tulpamancy Guide
(12-02-2019, 10:16 PM)Abvieon Wrote:  Also, if all tulpa guides were kept to only the required basics, they would be much less interesting and diverse, because when you boil down tulpa creation to it's bare bones, it's actually very simple. They would all be saying the exact same things in slightly different wording. There should be diversity among guides, as there is not just one way to create a tulpa, and some ways work better for people than others, so newcomers benefit from having a wide variety of different techniques to read about.

Well said, diversity is good for several reasons.  I said in another post that I feel like they are nic picking the submitted guides until they are basically made dry. It's like all personality is also being picked out of them to suit the ones approving instead of just focusing on what needs to be changed in the guides eg good spelling, does it make sense, is the info correct and explained enough etc.

I felt like this no need for peoples styles to be picked on.. eg if someone writes a guide in a teacher student kind of style so what.  What appeals to one person may not appeal to the next and as I said it's like the writers personalities are being picked out of them which will make them less interesting for some and makes all the guides more alike removing diversity of the way things are being written.

picking on someone using the terms "human and tulpa" ridiculous. It's like some in this community is trying to mold everyone elses views without people not being free to think differently or express in their own way. I myself do not refer to tulpas as being humans. (the tulpa can borrows the hosts human form at times or share it. Human=Homo sapiens .. tulpa=mind buddy/thoughtform). Once again the diversity of views of things is being affected in guides as some people are wanting others to all write in the same way, it was quite clear what was being referred to when the other used "human and tulpa".

Also one person assessing the guide said something about something not being good as it sounded metaphysical when that part of the guide was just talking about visualization stuff.  Visualization exercises and things seen during visualization is not metaphysical at all. In fact most psychologists will often use visualization exercises with their clients.  There is nothing metaphysical about visualizing trying to look for something...or visualizing opening a door and expecting something to hopefully appear.

Thou there was some obvious problems with this guide but I do feel like once again there was areas where it was overly nic picked which is stopping people from possibly submitting guides.

One thing I found interesting is those at the website who have instant tulpas.. well their tulpas are accepted at the website for being tulpas but when it comes to a guide helping explain how to find and make like an instant tulpas that whole idea is not accepted. So as a community are we accepting this or not? It's like the community is all over the place with things.

I personally are against the whole trying to get/form a tulpa without not sorting out what personality it should have (as that could I think easily go wrong) but if someone wants to do a guide for forming a tulpa in which the person has not formed it's personality and others want to try to form their tulpas from that.. really should there be such control on what those ones can read that they are given no guides for what they wish to do.

Though not a good idea, making a tulpa from an intrusive thought may be a faster way to make a tulpa as one already then has some base there to form the tulpa on.   Anyway, I don't think it's a good grounds to reject guides just cause you yourself may not like the way something is being done as long as warnings are given esp since in this tulpa community the instant ones are still being regarded here as tulpas.
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For anyone else who would like to post in regards to Abvieon's comment, please post here in this thread. Please only post in this thread if you are longbow, reporting your experiences with this guide, commenting on a GAT member's review, or leaving a review of your own.
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