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[General] Making a Tulpa without knowing what one is
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Making a Tulpa without knowing what one is

I'm just curious to see if there is a decent amount of other people in the Tulpa forums that created a tulpa before they even knew that tulpas were a thing.

I did notice that the thread say Tulsa because my phone hates the word Tulpa for some reason

If I can change this somehow I would like to know but it's like whatever if I can't
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RE: Making a Tulsa without knowing what one is

You can. Also, you can edit you past posts so you don't have to double post. (select full edit and change the title box.)

Also, yeah, that happens all the time. Search accidental tulpa.

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RE: Making a Tulsa without knowing what one is

LOL autocorrect, I can relate.

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RE: Making a Tulsa without knowing what one is

yes, this has happened to me. well not many times but i already had a wonderland before knowing what a wonderland was and i had more than id say 20 tulpae each with their own personality and actions... later finding out these forums i was like "oh damn these are sentient beings..." so i just wanted to focus on one for now, didn't totally abandon them i have them dormant for now and in another part of my mind to say but yes it can happen

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05-17-2017, 07:17 PM
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RE: Making a Tulpa without knowing what one is

My first tulpa was accidental. There's this billboard that I pass every day, and it has a woman with green eyes and slightly long canines. I thought, "She could be a great vampire...", and boom! I created an imaginary friend who I could have conversations with. I created a tulpa in about a week without even knowing I did.

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