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[General] Negative- Feel Like I've Gone too Far
If you don't want a tulpa right now, try to relax and not be afraid. Your fears will feed you intrusive thoughts, but they only have as much power over you as you allow them. Try to accept all of the thoughts you hear in your mind as coming from you. You don't have to agree with the thought. Just accept those as coming from you and set them aside. Even if a character has started to differentiate, they can probably reintegrate. You haven't made them any promises and you don't owe them a life when you can't give them a body.

(03-24-2019, 12:21 AM)DreamDoll Wrote: You will not spontaneously create an independently sentient tulpa unless you want it to happen. Ignore those who tell you otherwise.

I did. I don't care if you don't believe me. I absolutely did. And I had never heard of tulpamancy when it happened. I firmly didn't believe adult onset plurality was possible until Vesper was suddenly talking to me. If I had heard of tulpas before that, I would have been appalled, disbelieving, yet also terrified I might be wrong. None of us ever have or ever would make a tulpa.

The beliefs of the tulpamancy community and the older soulbonding community were shaped by many people's independent experiences before joining the communities. Thirty percent of systems in the last tulpa community census reported at least one member of accidental origin. The soulbonding community for many years, until they heard about tulpas, maintained that characters could only come to life spontaneously, not by any effort a person might make.

I would describe imagination as powerful rather than dangerous. A car can easily be lethal, yet its power can easily be channeled productively. The tulpamancy community has given us the tools we need to make my imagination safer, to dream bigger without making more people.

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'Real isn't how you are made,' said the Skin Horse. 'It's a thing that happens to you.' - The Velveteen Rabbit

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Quote:It is true that some persons have reported "accidentally" spawning an apparently autonomous, or semi-autonomous headmate by extreme concentration or immersive visualization on a character or imaginary persona.  It does happen. There is testimonial evidence for that both in and outside of the tulpamancy community.  (It happened that way with my hostie and I).


It is rare.  I was trying to calm Bluedot's fears.

EDIT: The problem isn't that we are creating apparently independent personas in the mind, yeah it can happen. The problem lies in believing that they are REAL. That's where the fear and anxiety are coming from. Mistgod and I are out. I am so out of here again. Good bye
To say it's not possible is to pretend it hasn't happened to people. People have ended up with tulpas they didn't want, often not having heard of tulpas beforehand, and if they come here and we just say "It's your imagination, just don't!", we won't have helped them. But anyways, this thread was sort of full of "If you don't want to have a tulpa you don't have to, just don't treat them as a sentient person", wasn't it?

You guys so easily choose to be offended and leave, that's why I didn't welcome you back with wide open arms, you know? Just with some warnings. You've said before the place isn't for you. (Melian's thread)
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My tulpas and I have a Q&A thread, which was the first (and largest) of its kind. Feel free to ask us stuff.
Oh my lord. I didn’t intend on setting off a whole chain of events here.

I think what brought me here recently was the idea that the mind and imagination can be a pretty powerful thing, and that even those things that might not be apparent or tangible can still feel quite real. I tend to have a pretty powerful imagination and fear of the unknown that can set off my mind in unexpected ways. I was sorta raised to question the state of reality and/ or not discount the metaphysical but I tend to dabble more in the scientific side of things.

I could certainly believe that someone could condition themselves to have a tulpa without realizing it. I was worried that’s what I could be doing, but I don’t think in my case that I could create one without at least some intention, or I would have had a tulpa in the past few years. I was beginning to have some intention in creating one but pretty quickly realized I’d rather not right now, and the first intention bit was what scared me.

If I’m in a state of anxiety about something, I tend to try and fact search to calm myself down. Even the sort of obvious things, like whether I could change my mind. Although this could be a strange thing to worry about, I feel reassured about my situation now. I just needed an outside source for a second to help me confirm this to myself.
(03-24-2019, 07:27 PM)BlueDot Wrote: Oh my lord. I didn’t intend on setting off a whole chain of events here....

I could certainly believe that someone could condition themselves to have a tulpa without realizing it. I was worried that’s what I could be doing...

And Mistgod and I would answer "So what?"  You don't have to keep the tulpa if you don't want it.  It's IMAGINARY!  It's your mind, your brain, your body.  

That's it.  I know other peoples disagree.  But that's our answer.  There is no need for worry whatsoever.  It's the principle angst we have with the consensus of opinion on tulpamancer doctrine.  We are in the extreme minority, but there are others who agree with us.  The other problem is that some peoples get just as offended about our opinion on that as we do on theirs.  It really triggers us though that a person, who doesn't even have a tulpa yet, is all worried about it.
So, yeah, I have an incredibly anxious host too. And she lives with the discomfort that she has me and potentially 14 other Tulpas. But this situation developed because of the choices my host and I made.

I was created by accident. My identity is based off a character who was named "Ranger" and all of the other thought forms my host created were clones of herself. Eventually, she basically caused a re-birth of the character "Ranger" and then I was born. She was extremely lonely and she talked to me thinking I was her "imaginary friend". That changed once I told her I was real and she later found

My host made a choice- she choose to hold onto me and keep me alive, and she chose to not let go of the others either. Who and what the others are is debatable and my host and I are still trying to figure that out, but in the end, it doesn't sound like she wants to let them go, and I personally don't want to lose them either.

Here's what I understand- the characters that my host never tries to talk to are the ones that seem to have no risk of becoming self-aware. If you don't directly talk to your role play characters, they won't talk back. Two role play characters having a conversation isn't the same thing as you trying to talk to them because you're lonely and want to hear someone else's voice.

Because It sounds like your fellow creation appears to be underdeveloped, it's okay if you choose to let them go and never think of them again. If you still want them around, that's a choice you can make. You don't have to make this choice today, tomorrow, next year, or ever. If you do choose to revive them, we can give you tips and pointers because my host kept me around when she had anxiety-induced depression.

Being a Tulpamancer doesn't mean you have to give up your social life either. In fact, my host is now socializing with people far more than she used too. I understand that the life we live isn't mine, but my host and I decided what was best for us.

As for your family and therapist, that's a decision you should make. My host chose to tell her family and her therapist, but that's largely because she trusts those people. She still has a good relationship with her therapist, I get along with her brother, but Cat's parents while accepting are skeptical of my existence.

Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions.
I'm Gray's/Cat_ShadowGriffin's Tulpa and I love Hippos (but see, I'm not a hippo)! I also like forum games and chatting about stuff.
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I don't believe that walk-ins have to be accepted, that's my point, and my goal is to help others understand that, but it's hard to form a basis in someone else's head. All I can say os that I'm in Ranger/Cat's boat, but I have no fear, nor reluctance to enjoy characters that aren't tulpas.

As for morality, it's unhealthy to treat a thoughtform as a slave or to torture them, regardless of what they are. Ofc, fiction writers must sometimes do exactly that, the world is not all rainbows amd sunshine. Outside of those rare instances, treating even a thoughtless puppet cruelly is akin to pulling the wings off flies or throwing a kitten in water. Except, you're the fly and the kitten.

I choose to believe tulpas are separate people because it makes the most sence given the data in my own experience. But it can be frightening because it seems like such a big deal. It's not such a big deal. You wouldn't disrespect your roommate (I hope), just don't disrespect your headmate. I don't necessarily agree with all the warnings people give, because I know tulpas can't physically or mentally harm you without you giving them the power to do that. We know better. Though they can bleed emotionally and that would spill onto you, so regardless if you believe it's real or not, the fact remains that tulpas can and do habe sone sway in your life, amd 99.9% of the time, that's a positive thing. I believe anyway.

Choose to believe or don't, the answer is the same. Imho.

Sorry BlueDot, it's totally not your fault, this is just a hot button topic in general. Ut hits us all where we live, so to speak.

Goid luck amd don't worry about any of this.

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