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I found that recently I've been wanting to make a tulpa of Princess Luna from MLP. I'm not a huge fan of the show, hell I don't even watch it, but I guess Luna just really speaks to me. I feel like it sounds kind of silly. Lemme explain; 

I'd like to state that I'm an artist and drawing Luna is personally a lot of fun! I've used drawing as a way of forcing with a previous tulpa, but I just never had the energy or motivation to do any more than that, mostly because he was human and drawing humans is kinda tedious for me. I'm a very visual person and drawing them helps me a lot. Luna also seems like a character I'd really love to work with (and of course, adjust to any changes she wants to make). I'm someone who likes to talk about their tulpa but I feel like a lot of people would think differently of me if I had a Luna tulpa, especially since I'm more of a tomboy and have never really had an interest in "girly" stuff. I've noticed that pony tulpas aren't too uncommon in the tulpa community so I have no doubt that everyone here would be accepting of it, I'm just worried about how my closest friends will react. (Online friends who I've known for 6+ years, I could never talk face-to-face with someone about my tulpas) They know I'm interested in tulpas and stuff and they're generally pretty accepting of 'internet anomalies' or whatever. (One of them is otherkin) I just don't know how weirded out they'd be by me having a pony tulpa.

How many of you guys have tulpas who are ponies? What's your experience with them and why do you prefer them over, say, a humanoid tulpa?

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a whole lot less nowadays, but still a lot, but modern tulpamancy was literally founded by bronies on 4chan soooooooo.. not that weird. Well, not that weird in tulpa terms, extremely weird to those who don't know about tulpas yet. Maybe if you portray it like a cartoon or novel character you talk to in your head who helps you come up with ideas and stuff, it wouldn't be so bad?

just hope they don't dislike bronies or things will go south real quick
Hi I'm one of Lumi's tulpas! I like rain and dancing and dancing in the rain and if there's frogs there too that's bonus points.
All of my posts should be read at a hundred miles per hour because that's probably how they were written
Please talk to me https://community.tulpa.info/thread-ask-lumi-s-tulpas
Your tulpa's form doesn't really matter in my book as much as their personality. I mean, a tulpa is still a person, that's just how it is- pony or not. If they're a nice person I'll like them, if not, well that's their problem. We don't have any pony tulpas here, but it's not that we'd be against one or anything, it's just no one's cared enough to try and be one.

My only suggestion here is don't get too attached to their form since deviation is possible, and they might not stay Luna if they start out that way. So long as you think you could deal with them changing, cool, go for it. If not you might wanna pick another form.a fi

And P.S., don't give a fig newton about what your friends think of what your tulpa is, they're not the ones who're gonna live with her. Hell, there's a chance she might even outlast your friendships. Just putting that out there.
It's funny because I chose to have Martina over Twilight Sparkle as a tulpa literally because I knew I'm not going to be into FiM later on. Cue five years and I think it's the worst show in existence right after Steven Universe. I thought the whole /x/ tulpa-pony thing died off like a bad meme by now, I really did.
Well, i have a tulpa that are ponies, all three of them.

(12-30-2017, 12:57 AM)Runas Wrote: How many of you guys have tulpas who are ponies? What's your experience with them and why do you prefer them over, say, a humanoid tulpa?

I think it is just the same as having any other companion but in pony form. I don't prefer the pony form and told them that they could be anything, but they choose to have that form. They also have their human and other anthropomorphic forms that they switch to from time to time but they usually stick to their pony form because that's what they are used to.

Also, just be wary having a form identical to a character from a show but other than that you're all good, just leave them some space for changes Smile
Hello! I am nihi, i have 3 tulpas
I'll probably change my appearance over time, but it will not change my personality.
But. Ponies have very very good point to make tulpa of. You can't get them in real life. You can hangout with human, but not with pony from MLP nor any other type of imaginary creatures.

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