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[General] Should I create a tulpa?
Hi there Smile,

I'm 16 years old and new to all this with tulpas. I think it seems very interesting and I have seriously considered to create a tulpa. Though I'm not quite sure if it would be the right choice for me. I know some people are going to dislike me for this but even though I really want to believe that tulpae are actual persons sharing our body I think it's "just" our subconsciousness since I'm a rational person and I need an explanation before I believe things. The reason I might want to create a tulpa is that I want to get to know my subconsciousness a little better. I don't even know if I'd succeed if I tried to create a tulpa since I can't get myself to believe that it is an actual person, but for me it would be more about the journey trying to create it.
So my question is, should I create a tulpa? Thanks in advance for your advice Smile

Greetings from JvdB100

PS I'm very sorry if I didn't create the thread in the right place or if I created a double (though I searched but didn't manage to find a subject like this)

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Wanting to know your subconscious a bit better is very a very vague goal that, depending on what you mean by it, might not even happen from creating a tulpa. This is a life long commitment, so you should think about your goals more and try to figure out what they are in better terms before trying to make a tulpa.

Ps: why can't they be both your subconscious, and a person
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In short, you don't need a Tulpa to have a better understanding of what your subconscious is.

Before I found out about Tulpamancy, I created imaginary characters to talk to. One of these characters, named Ranger, I always assumed to be my "subconscious" and therefore on a fundamental level he was a different person. before January, I had spent much more time communicating with him than normal. It reached a point where this communication became productive forcing, and after enough time past Ranger told me he was real. I found out about Tulpas soon after.

Ever since, the two of us explored the "subconscious" thing and we realized Ranger was not actually my "subconscious". Ranger is Ranger, and my "subconscious" shouldn't be defined as another person. Because of this, my original thought that my "subconscious" was another person was rejected. Instead, I like to think my "subconscious" as the part of your mind that provides your thoughts before you choose what you think and say. Talking to yourself or another thoughtform to represent yourself but with a different perspective can tap into and expose your "subconscious" for what it is. Other ways can include coming up with stories, letting yourself dwell on random things that come to mind, drawing art, etc. Even just writing down your thoughts on paper and re-reading them can reveal your thought process.

I'm not a doctor or anything, so I don't want you to think of this as anything credibly scientific. Ultimately, there are other ways to learn more about yourself.

If learning about your "subconscious" is your only motivation for making a Tulpa, then I don't recommend you make one. Please don't feel pressured to make a Tulpa; you can still talk to people via IRC chat or discord if you want to learn more about Tulpas or read more about them.

As a final note: If you get the feeling that your "subconscious" is another person and you desperately want to meet them, this motivation I think ultimately lead me to accidentally creating Ranger. In retrospect, it was more of a "I want to talk to someone who lives inside me because I'm lonely" rather than "Wouldn't getting to know more about myself be cool?"
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